Mean Sabine – SWR #197

Riley, and Mark are at it again, only this time with VIDEO! Why Sabine drives people nuts, Pentatonix, John Williams, and a YouTube Channel, as well as many other things on this week’s episode of The Star Wars Report!SWR Logo (2)

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Press Release for the Supply Pod’s Star Wars Mystery Box

The holiday season is fast approaching and this year, December is going to be dominated by one thing, and one thing only. On December 18th, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will hit theaters, bringing with it legions of fans who are desperate to see the franchise return to its former glory. To celebrate the movie event of the century, Outer Places is pleased to announce that the next Supply Pod from Outer Places will be dedicated to that Galaxy Far Far Away.


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Press Release for Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind

STAR WARS PSYCHOLOGY: Dark Side of the Mind (Sterling, October 27, 2015) sheds new light on the Star Wars saga for fans of the series and for fans of psychology!

Evil, tyrannical oppression rules this world and heroes must rise to battle the darkness. According to Psychiatrist Carl Jung and mythologist Joseph Campbell, people in every place and time tell tales of heroes who face darkness, win victories, and return transformed. This archetypal Hero’s Journey underlies the Star Wars story, and demonstrates the role of psychology in shaping this beloved saga.

In STAR WARS PSYCHOLOGY, a group of expert contributors, led by Travis Langley, explore the “Big Five” personality factors and the characters who embody each major trait.

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Exposing The Casino – CCC Ep. 024

This week we are joined by Jeremy Williamson of Star Wars Expose


Join us in our discussion as Jeremy talks about the mission of Star Wars Expose as well as some fun discussion on Disney Infinity 3.0, Star Wars Battlefront, cosplaying, and much much more.



Our Lengthy Star Wars Story With Scott Ryfun – SWT #09

Riley and Scott talk about all the recent news and buzz surrounding TFA on this, the 9th episode of Star Wars Tonight!


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