C3 talking E3 and Battlefront Bespin DLC- CCC Ep. 052

Were are back and talking some E3 news as well as going over the new wave of X-wing miniatures just announced by FFG. Then we discuss our impressions of the new Bespin DLC for Battlefront.



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Breaking Breznican – SWR 228

EW’s Anthony Breznican joins us to talk all about Rogue One, and your hosts discuss Celebration Europe, and the fate of the Lucas Museum as well, all this, and more! All on the this week’s episode of the STAR WARS REPORT!

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Bloodline and the Big 3- TWL #187

WampasLair_SquareKarl and Jason are joined by Mark Hurliman of the Star Wars Report and Star Wars Beyond the Films to discuss Claudia Gray’s “Bloodline” and how the new canon differs from the Legends canon!


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Rogue One Details Revealed – Everything You Need to Know!

It seems like an eternity since Rogue One was first confirmed and we’ve had almost no information to sate our appetites – thanks, in part, to a desire by Lucasfilm/Disney to minimize confusion between this and the Mission Impossible film, Rogue Nation. This ended when, a mere 2 months ago, we were treated to a sumptuous trailer – one that showcased a thankfully increasing trend in Hollywood. I speak of course of having a piano intro (the woman lead and diverse cast is a bonus). This ended this week when Entertainment Weekly dropped its Rogue One cover! Look at it, isn’t it magnificent?


*Sings* We’re all going on a summer holiday …

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TFA Feedback (Part 1 of 2) – SWBTF #198

Rise of the films- death of relevancy…, is the ‘New EU’ doomed already? Or is it, really, all sunshine and Death Stars? You ask, we Ponder. All on the next Star Wars Beyond the Films. YOUR Star Wars discussion podcast! YOUR Podcast of Legends! YOUR ticket to that Galaxy far, far away! Your Fandom lies Beyond the Films.

This week true believers, Beyonders, Fanboys, Fangirls, respected aliens around the galaxy, The Champion of the Multiverse; Mark Hurliman, and your Count of Continuities; Nathan P. Butler sit down to discuss your Feedback, as well as your reactions to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So strap in and tighten your crash webbing Fandom, Star Wars Beyond the Films is setting off on another rapid-fire trip into the galaxy far, far away!FB_IMG_1453243435772

This episode your hosts discuss: