The Star Wars Report


Why The Star Wars Report?

Good question! Simply put; rebranding.

To which you may ask: why re-brand?

Again a simple answer: to reach more casual listeners. Of all the Solo Sound Podcasts, only The Bothan Report seemed the most “all encompassing” which is great for what we have been working so hard for with Solo Sound as a site, but hasn’t been the best for reaching a large number of casual Star Wars fans who like podcasts. The hope is that by branching out and launching a website we can continue to supply Solo Sound listeners with great content as always, while being able to reach more listeners in other parts of the fan community.

Another advantage is that we can create more inclusive shownotes here on the site to enhance your listening/ interacting experience. As some of our listeners already know; was kind enough to turn over a whole section in their forums over to SoloSound Podcasts. Be sure to hit up our Thread: The Bothan Spynet: The Official Thread of The Star Wars Report!

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  • Riley B.

    The Future is now!

  • Mark Lightsabre

    Great news, best of luck with the rebranding. Bothan Report was great, I’m sure Star Wars Report will be even better, and looking forward to joining you guys on a future broadcast. Clear skies! Mark Lightsabre,

    • Riley

      Thank you so much!