Star Wars Live Action Series Update!


In an interview with the Czech Position, Rick McCallum, producer of the three Star Wars prequels and the upcoming Redtails film, gave us several new tidbits of information regarding the long-delayed and highly anticipated live action series.

The long-talked about Star Wars TV series will be a power and crime story similar to ‘The Godfather’, likely to be shot in the Czech Republic.

McCallum said: “Oh, absolutely. This [the Czech Republic] would be one of the primary places because of the talent. We have 50 hours of third-draft scripts, but the problem we have is there is a lot of digital animation; we don’t have the technology yet to be able to do them at a price that is safe for television. Since we would be financing them, it would be suicide for us to do this [now]. So we are going to wait three or four years,”

I find this encouraging. Every time we’ve heard George Lucas mention it, the project sounded as if it were put on hold indefinitely. However, three to four years? This I can live with!

McCallum did reveal some of the basic storyline in the finished scripts. “It takes place between episodes three and four, when Luke Skywalker was growing up as a teenager, but it has nothing to do with Luke,” he said, adding that there is no young Luke Skywalker in any of the episodes.

“Basically, it is like ‘The Godfather’; it’s the Empire slowly building up its power base around the galaxy, what happens in Coruscant, which is the major capital, and it’s [about] a group of underground bosses who live there and control drugs, prostitution,” McCallum said.

Wait, WHAT!?!? So, there will be no young Luke. (I think we’ve known this for some time.) The part about the Empire building up it’s power on Coruscant does sound appealing, although when I think about it, this will be the first time that George will be making Star Wars that isn’t Skywalker focused.

Then he mentions the “group of underground bosses who live there and control drugs, prostitution,”. This is most definitely a more maturely themed Star Wars then we’ve seen on-screen before. I’m confounded if not slightly intrigued.



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  • Anonymous

    Finally some detailed information about the upcoming series. GL has been much too vague, but this info is exciting! Instead of “its not yet financially feasible” we now have “we’ll have the technology in 3-5 years.” Woo!

    • B

      Yes, quite exiting isn’t it!? We’ll look forward to hearing more news, perhaps! I thought it was interesting what Rick said about TV changing so much, and how it might affect the live action series.

      • Anonymous

        I did notice that, but it’s difficult to imagine a Star Wars TV show getting cancelled in this day and age. With the might that is the Lucasfilm continuity and merchandising franchise behind it, could we really have something as short-lived as Droids or Ewoks?

        • Riley

          Hopefully not!

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