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This Week in The Clone Wars

Welcome to the first edition of The Star Wars Reports’ weekly The Clone Wars (TCW) roundup.

On’s  Weekly ForceCast the hosts interviewed TCW actor James Arnold Taylor who let slip that he believes Tom Kane is the voice of Ackbar on the new Star Tours ride.  Might this be a hint as to who will be voicing Ackbar in Season 4 of TCW?

On the home video front we still have not received official confirmation of the U.S. release date for TCW S3 DVD and Blu-ray sets but the Canadian release date is October 25, 2011 which is in line with the previous U.S. release dates (November 3rd and October 26th).

San Diego Comic-Con is happening July 20-24th and Star Wars will have a large presence there.  I would expect a good deal of TCW news out of the convention including a possible official announcement of the home video release.

E3 the video game industry convention occurred this past week and Massively provided us with some new details regarding expansions to Sony Online Entertainments’ Clone Wars Adventures  on-line video game.  Including a new tower defense game called “Galactic Forces.”  The coolest thing about Clone Wars Adventures is that they added weekly updates to the game based on events and characters introduced into the TV series.  Hopefully they keep up that trend during Season 4 of the show.

This week also saw the release of issue #5 of Titan’s Star Wars The Clone Wars Magazine. Included in this issue are two comic tales “Repel All Boarders!” and “A Trooper’s Tale.”  There are also two episode guides for Episode 3.20 “Citadel Rescue,” and 3.22 “Wookiee Hunt.”  Features on Slave I, Jedi Master Saesee Tin, an Infinities look at what would have happened at the Nightsisters used their magic on Asajj Ventress instead of Savage Opress, and a profile on five characters who are “Ones to watch in Season  4.”

Aside from the comic stories I am most intrigued by the  “Ones to Watch in Season 4,” article which includes Cad Bane, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Pre Vizsla, and Savage Opress.  The show has built up a great stable of character models at this point and the trailers we have seen for Season 4 show even more new characters, I can’t wait to see what TCW crew has in store for us.

This week on you can get your TCW fix by watching Season 3 episodes, 3.08 “Evil Plans” and 3.09 “Hunt for Ziro.”  I just wouldn’t recommend eating during the episodes, Sy and Ziro are enough to turn even a Wookiee’s stomach.

Check back each week to The Star Wars Report as we scour the Holonet for all the latest news on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.



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  • Anonymous

    Do they really release the DVDs that late in the year? That’ll be after season 4 of the show actually starts, won’t it?

    • Riley

      Sigh. Yes. And they’ve done it EVERY year. They release the previous season’s Box set, while the current season is running.