The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup


The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup

This past week was a relatively slow week for TCW news.  The highlight of the week was the release on the official Star Wars website of The Clone Wars: Season 4 Extended Preview which was the trailer shown at Disney’s Star Wars weekends and until now only available on-line in bootleg form.   The trailer looks incredible, do they perhaps open Season 4 with the Battle of Dac and give us a great two part premier like Season 3’s Battle of Kamino?

Also on this week you can watch Season 3 episodes 3.09 Hunt for Ziro and 3.10 Heroes on Both Sides.

One news story that slipped under my radar screen was an award recently given to TCW Supervising Director Dave Filoni.  The National Cartoonists Society (NCS) held their awards dinner in Boston on May 28th.  Mr. Filoni won the 2011 Reuben Award for Television Animation.  Congratulations to Dave and the rest of The Clone Wars crew.

June 28th 2011, is Star Wars e-book day, when the entire catalog of adult Star Wars novels is being released in the electronic formats.  This is a great opportunity for fans of TCW series that haven’t yet taken their first steps into the Expanded Universe to branch out into Star Wars novels with books that are set during TCW era with familiar characters from the series.  Some of the books that will be available include:


  • R.A. Salvator’s Attack of the Clones novelization;
  • Karen Traviss’ The Clone Wars movie novelization , The Clone Wars: No Prisoners, and the Republic/Imperial Commando series (Hard Contact, Triple Zero, True Colors, Order 66, and 501st);
  • Karen Miller’s Clone Wars Gambit: Siege and Stealth duology and The Clone Wars: Wild Space;
  • Matthew Stover’s  Shatterpoint;
  • Steven Barnes’ The Cestus Deception and novella The Hive;
  • Michael Reaves and Steve Perry’s MedStar duology (Battle Surgeons and Jedi Healer)
  • David Sherman and Dan Cragg’s Jedi Trial;
  • James Luceno’s Labyrinth of Evil;
  • Sean Stewart’s Yoda: Dark Rendezvous.


The price on both Kindle and Nook for these books is $7.99, except for the short story novellas which are set at a $1.99 price point.

If you are a parent with a child who likes the TCW series but who may not love reading, then I highly suggest you try giving your child a Star Wars Clone Wars eBook.  Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire sparked my love of reading and hopefully one of these Clone Wars novels will do the same for your younglings.   Some of my favorite books include the Republic Commando series, the MedStar duology, and Yoda: Dark Rendezvous.

If you are drawn to the story of the Clones in TCW, then try out Karen Traviss’ books, the caveats being that the Mandalore described by Travis is different than that which appears in TCW and know that the final book in the series was cancelled, leaving some plot threads hanging.  But the Republic Commando based action was awesome and it certainly provides a different perspective on both the Clones and the Jedi.

The Medstar duology stars Ahsoka’s friend Bariss Offee and is a fun side story in the Clone Wars.  It features a mixed cast of characters and can best be described as Star Wars meets MASH.

By far my favorite Clone Wars era novel is Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, I can’t say enough about this book.  It centers on a two stories, the relationship between Yoda and Count Dooku and the interaction between two padawans struggling with their abilities, attachment, and the Dark Side.



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