Vader’s Fist – SWR #4



Despite many technical difficulties, we bring you this, the fourth episode of The Star Wars Report after much  trial, error, error and error. On this special interview episode of The Star Wars Report, Riley, Bethany and  Mark discuss all things 501st with Allan Quick, 501st Cloud City Garrison Commander.

What is the 501st, would you like to join, what do people do in it, how do you make your costumes, how does the organization work, all those and many more questions were excitedly talked about; stay tuned after the the end for more discussion (as we were having way too much fun to stop) on such things as: who would you costume as if you could pick any Star Wars character?

Allan made this Han Solo in Carbonite.

And the hosts spoke of their various and sundry costume dreams.


Have fun listening!






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