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The Clone Wars Season One Retrospective

As we look forward to the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Battle Lines, we take a look back at the previous three seasons and point out some of what we think are the best and worst episodes of each season. First up this week is Season One.   What do you think of our lists?  What are some of your favorite and least favorite episodes of Season One? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

The Best:  “Great, kid. Don’t get cocky.”

Rookies (1.05):

Commando Droids, Droids doing their best Han Solo on the detention level impersonation, a Rex-Cody adventure, the introduction of Heavy, Echo and Fives, awesome combat scenes, and it all ends with an induction into the 501st.  Captain Rex takes center stage and provides some good action and comedy in this episode and it introduces Echo and Fives who become two fan favorite characters.  I thoroughly enjoy the Clone-centric episodes.

Cloak of Darkness (1.08):

I love the Dooku/Sidious/Ventress interaction in this episode.  We get the introduction of the Senate Guard to the series, betrayal and some great lightsaber action.  A very satisfying story that ties into the events of Gungan Jedi, but it is a  self contained story.  A guest starring role by James Marsters was great.

Jedi Crash (1.13):

Visually this is one of my favorite episodes from Season One.  The atmospheric battle between the Republic Cruisers and the Separatists is great looking.  We also get the puberty inducing Aayla Secura character model.  Couple the great visual action with a good dramatic score and this show has one the best opening acts of the season.

Honorable Mentions:

Trespass (1.15) introducing Riyo Chuchi and some cool snow scene.  Ambush (1.01) Yoda and some cool interaction between Yoda and the Clones.  The Ryloth Trilogy (1.19-1.21) much better than the Malevolence Trilogy and a signal of things to come with more multiple episode story arcs or mini-movies that will occur in the series future. Hostage Crisis (1.22), Enter Cad Bane.

The Worst: “I have a really bad feeling about this.”

The Gungan General (1.12):

I actually like Jar Jar Binks, just in small doses.  In truth I have a rubber Jar Jar Halloween mask, so I would hardly consider myself a Jar Jar hater, though he is at least partly to blame for Palpatine’s power grab, but I digress.    I’m sorry but a Sith Lord and two Jedi should be able to take down a small pirate band in about five minutes, not two episodes.

The Hidden Enemy (1.16):

Unfortunately the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie wasn’t particularly good.  Hidden Enemy brings us back to Christophsis in a prequel story.  A hint to TCW team, revisiting Christophsis is probably not the best idea. 

The Blue Shadow Virus (1.17):

You know when you are watching episodes of The Simpsons and they get to a Lisa or Marge episode.  That is how I often feel about the early Padme episodes.  Plus anything that kills Gungans is a good thing, at least for Prequel haters.

What do you think of our list?  What are some of your favorite and least favorite episodes of Season One? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Check back next week as we take a look back at Season Two.


Geeking OUT – SWR #8

Welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

In this episode we have special guest, Steve Glosson, host of the Geek Out Loud podcast! Be sure to stick around after the main part of the show to listen to our post-show interview with him.

We talked about Harrison Ford taking out his anger on the smurfs.

We give our thoughts on the LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace special

And in non-StarWars, Lucas film related news, Red Tails finally has a release date and trailer! We give our thought on the first Non-StarWars, non-Indiana Jones Lucasfilm movie in years.










The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup

Greetings Troops, and welcome to this week’s TCW Weekly Roundup!

A good Sith Master imparts bits and pieces of Dark Side knowledge to his Apprentice.  This practice serves to make the Apprentice a more valuable tool for his Master’s will, and prevents the Apprentice from learning all his Master knows and quickly attempting to murder him.  At the same time it builds up the lust for more knowledge and power in the Apprentice as he seeks to learn what is being withheld.  In many ways we fans are like that Apprentice, we receive dribs and drabs of information regarding the Clone Wars, and sometimes what we see is just enough to get us really excited without revealing much substance.

This week the Sith Lords at Lucasfilm confirmed the premier date for Season Four of The Clone Wars and posted a new extended trailer that shows us some clips we have seen before but also reveals a brand new story arc based off of a comic book.

As we speculated in our July 27th Roundup based on the Canadian Premier of TCW, we learned earlier this week that Season 4 will premier in the United States on Cartoon Network on September 16th as well.  The premier will be a one-hour special showing the first two episodes of the season, which are the first two parts of the three-part Mon Calamari arc.

If September 16th sounds familiar it should, it is the same day that the Star Wars Complete Saga Blu-ray set will be released.  It will be a busy day for Star Wars fans and in the interest of the Nation’s economic productivity, we should probably just make it a Federal holiday now because there will be lots of distracted geeks that day.

While the official Episode Guides for Season Four Episode One and Two are not yet posted, we did learn the episodes titles.  Episode 4.01 is “Water War” and Episode 4.02 is “Gungan Attack.”  I’m an intrigued as too what the Gungan’s from Naboo would be doing on the Mon Calamari home world.

Accompanying the announcement we also got an extended Season 4 Trailer.

There is a ton going on in this trailer and what looks to be a glimpse of multiple story arcs. The caveat is that it always seems like these trailers are coming from the entire season when usually they are cleverly cut from more like 4-5 episodes.  To my eye, it looks like we have around four story arcs taking place and I am not sure where all the scenes fit in yet.

My best guess at this point are; Arc  1: Mon Calamari arc, Arc 2: Umbara/General Krell arc, Arc 3: Death Watch/Lux arc, and Arc 4: Slaves of the Republic arc.

Finally it looks like we are getting a heavy dose of the Mandalorians that we expected in TCW.  I love the Japanese influenced architecture, it’s the Samurai Mandos., err Death Watch I mean.  I would assume this arc involves, the Lux, Ahsoka, and Starbuck-Mando clip that we have previously seen.  It also looks like Pre Vizsla got a new set of armor.

The Slaves of the Republic arc looks to be epic.  It includes the two best lines of the trailer, Darth Sidious appearing via hologram to Count Dooku aboard Dooku’s ship, discussing the history of Sith Empires being built upon slaves.  The other line is Obi-Wan cautioning Ahsoka to keep an eye on Anakin because of Anakin’s inability to let go of his past, i.e. slavery.  It also looks like we get a Clone Wars interpretation of the Zygerrian species, minus the red hair and wielding lightwhips in this arc.  Anakin and Ahsoka look ticked off at the Togrutans being enslaved.  It looks like I am going to have to get my hands on Dark Horse Comic’s Slaves of the Republic comic this fall to compare it to the show.    It also appears we get Anakin rescuing a Princess of some sort.

Where do Asajj Ventress and the Nightsisters fighting battledroids and Grievous fit in? Where does the Anakin versus Dooku battle take place?  What are Ahsoka, Anakin and R2 demolishing?  Where does the speeder bike chase fit in?   Aaron Goins has some great in-depth analysis and speculation that you can read here.

Later this week look for my break down on the best and worst from The Clone Wars Season One as we build up to the Season Four premier September 16th.

Until next time, keep your Buy’ce on and your blaster handy.

– Pete


The Clone Wars Season 4 Trailer Thoughts

On August 16th the official Star Wars website released a The Clone Wars Season 4 trailer which contained never before seen clips from the upcoming season. For me personally this is the first trailer that has gotten me extremely excited for Season 4 of The Clone Wars. I like Ackbar as much as the next guy, but images of Ventress, Nightsisters, Deathwatch and were those some rogue clones??… that’s more like it.

Here are a few images that I pulled from the trailer that I thought were interesting along with some speculation. That’s what these trailers are for, right, speculation?

The first minute or so of the trailer is stuff we have seen before. Then we get a clip of Count Dooku in a ship approaching a planet with a hologram of Darth Sidious speaking to him. He is saying, “Long have Sith Empires been built on the backs of slaves.” Recently, it has been announced that the Dark Horse comic series Slaves of the Republic is going to be adapted into a story arc for The Clone Wars. I believe many of the new images we see in this trailer are taken straight from those episodes.

We see what looks like a large group of Togruta slaves, male and female, gathered together. In the comic an entire colony of Togruta are taken from their homes by slavers.

Another image we see is of a bat-looking character who is most likely a bad guy. My guess is this guy is supposed to be a Zygerrian. They are the species that enslaves the Togruta in the comic series. This Zygerrian does look a bit different from the ones in the comics but there are enough similarities, specifically the horned ridges on the face, that I think he is supposed to be the same species.

Here is another view of the character using what looks very much like a lightwhip. Lightwhips are commonly used in the Expanded Universe but this would be the first time we have seen them in The Clone Wars.

And another image of a group of Zygerrians with whips fighting Obi-Wan and what appears to be Anakin in the background.

Beyond the slave story arc we may also be getting a story about a group of rouge clones. One clip in the trailer shows a clone viciously attacking someone. The clone is definitely not wearing standard issue armor.

Another image shows a clone with extensive facial tattooing and also wearing some odd looking armor. His helmet looks pretty unique as well. I for one would love to see a Clone Wars story arc about a group of clones that have deserted and how they are making it in the galaxy.

In the background of the above image you also see a Rodian and some sort of horned character. I’m pretty sure it’s not Savage Opress though.

There will definitely be a return of Deathwatch. We have seen the clip of the new female Mando voiced by Katie Sackoff and in this trailer we see Pre Visla as well. Here is an image of Deathwatch members jet packing into a village. Is this a Deathwatch village we are seeing or is Deathwatch raiding this village?

Last but not least we got a couple clips showing Assajj Ventress back with the Nightsisters and facing off against General Grievous. Has Count Dooku decided to send an army of droids to Dathomir to wipe out the Nightsisters for good? How did Ventress end up back with the Nightsisters? A battle of Ventress versus Grievous could be epic.

What do you think? Anything in the trailer catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

Aaron Goins



The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup

Greetings Troops, and welcome to this week’s TCW Weekly Roundup!


Will you be in Toronto, Canada from August 25th through the 28th?  If so you should stop by the Fan Expo Canada convention and you could get a chance to see the first episode of TCW Season Four on August 27th.  The screening will be hosted by TELETOON in conjunction with Fan Expo.  For attendees the screening will be held at 5pm in Room 718 of the convention center.

Unfortunately we won’t be in Canada during the convention but we will cover reactions to the screening and any interesting news that surfaces.

For adult Star Wars collectors or kids with really big allowances, artist Grant Gould is selling a limited number of his hand drawn Star Wars Topps sketch cards.  The cards which are normally sold for between $200-250 are being sold for $100 and include some Clone Wars favorites like Ahsoka, Asajj, and the bounty hunter trio of Rumi, Sugi, and Embo.

Soon we will find out episode titles for the premier trilogy and possibly information regarding other episodes in Season 4, but until then let’s take a look back at the first three seasons of TCW .  Screen  Junkies lists three of their favorite episodes of TCW; “Lair of Grievous,” “ARC Troopers,” and “Nightsisters.”

Next week, we will examine what I think are the best and worst episodes of TCW Season 1 along with any other Clone Wars news that breaks.

Until next week, keep  your Buy’ce on and your blaster handy.