LEGO Speak – SWR #6


Here it is! The 6th episode of the Star Wars Report!

This week we talk about the Star Wars Blu-Ray box-art and the deleted scenes trailer.

We also discuss the upcoming (now past) LEGO Star Wars TV special, as well as th Celebration CVI Video teaser.

And we also talk about Katie Sackoff ‘s role as a female Mandalorian in the Clone Wars Season 4!

We talk about all of the Clone Wars news coming out of Comic Con, an R2 D2 Xbox?, and we read your emails.

This and much more in the latest episode of the Star Wars Report!







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  • Anonymous

    I was so excited when I saw the Star Wars Xbox + Kinect bundle advertised on my dashboard. My wife an I agree: the Kinect never really seemed worth it until now! 😉

    • B

      Cool! Do you think you’ll get it?

      • Anonymous

        The answer is now a firm “maybe”, money permitting someday. At the moment I still have a perfectly functional XBox 360, but it doesn’t resemble Artoo-Deetoo very much.

      • Anonymous

        The R2-D2 Xbox is available for pre-order but isn’t available until sometime late next year, but it looks like us in the Du household may be making plans to buy it!