The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup


Greetings Troops, and welcome to this week’s TCW Weekly Roundup!


Will you be in Toronto, Canada from August 25th through the 28th?  If so you should stop by the Fan Expo Canada convention and you could get a chance to see the first episode of TCW Season Four on August 27th.  The screening will be hosted by TELETOON in conjunction with Fan Expo.  For attendees the screening will be held at 5pm in Room 718 of the convention center.

Unfortunately we won’t be in Canada during the convention but we will cover reactions to the screening and any interesting news that surfaces.

For adult Star Wars collectors or kids with really big allowances, artist Grant Gould is selling a limited number of his hand drawn Star Wars Topps sketch cards.  The cards which are normally sold for between $200-250 are being sold for $100 and include some Clone Wars favorites like Ahsoka, Asajj, and the bounty hunter trio of Rumi, Sugi, and Embo.

Soon we will find out episode titles for the premier trilogy and possibly information regarding other episodes in Season 4, but until then let’s take a look back at the first three seasons of TCW .  Screen  Junkies lists three of their favorite episodes of TCW; “Lair of Grievous,” “ARC Troopers,” and “Nightsisters.”

Next week, we will examine what I think are the best and worst episodes of TCW Season 1 along with any other Clone Wars news that breaks.

Until next week, keep  your Buy’ce on and your blaster handy.





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