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On August 16th the official Star Wars website released a The Clone Wars Season 4 trailer which contained never before seen clips from the upcoming season. For me personally this is the first trailer that has gotten me extremely excited for Season 4 of The Clone Wars. I like Ackbar as much as the next guy, but images of Ventress, Nightsisters, Deathwatch and were those some rogue clones??… that’s more like it.

Here are a few images that I pulled from the trailer that I thought were interesting along with some speculation. That’s what these trailers are for, right, speculation?

The first minute or so of the trailer is stuff we have seen before. Then we get a clip of Count Dooku in a ship approaching a planet with a hologram of Darth Sidious speaking to him. He is saying, “Long have Sith Empires been built on the backs of slaves.” Recently, it has been announced that the Dark Horse comic series Slaves of the Republic is going to be adapted into a story arc for The Clone Wars. I believe many of the new images we see in this trailer are taken straight from those episodes.

We see what looks like a large group of Togruta slaves, male and female, gathered together. In the comic an entire colony of Togruta are taken from their homes by slavers.

Another image we see is of a bat-looking character who is most likely a bad guy. My guess is this guy is supposed to be a Zygerrian. They are the species that enslaves the Togruta in the comic series. This Zygerrian does look a bit different from the ones in the comics but there are enough similarities, specifically the horned ridges on the face, that I think he is supposed to be the same species.

Here is another view of the character using what looks very much like a lightwhip. Lightwhips are commonly used in the Expanded Universe but this would be the first time we have seen them in The Clone Wars.

And another image of a group of Zygerrians with whips fighting Obi-Wan and what appears to be Anakin in the background.

Beyond the slave story arc we may also be getting a story about a group of rouge clones. One clip in the trailer shows a clone viciously attacking someone. The clone is definitely not wearing standard issue armor.

Another image shows a clone with extensive facial tattooing and also wearing some odd looking armor. His helmet looks pretty unique as well. I for one would love to see a Clone Wars story arc about a group of clones that have deserted and how they are making it in the galaxy.

In the background of the above image you also see a Rodian and some sort of horned character. I’m pretty sure it’s not Savage Opress though.

There will definitely be a return of Deathwatch. We have seen the clip of the new female Mando voiced by Katie Sackoff and in this trailer we see Pre Visla as well. Here is an image of Deathwatch members jet packing into a village. Is this a Deathwatch village we are seeing or is Deathwatch raiding this village?

Last but not least we got a couple clips showing Assajj Ventress back with the Nightsisters and facing off against General Grievous. Has Count Dooku decided to send an army of droids to Dathomir to wipe out the Nightsisters for good? How did Ventress end up back with the Nightsisters? A battle of Ventress versus Grievous could be epic.

What do you think? Anything in the trailer catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

Aaron Goins



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  • Wyn

    Not enough Obi-Wan, as usual.

  • Msestora

    Trailer definitely looks interesting! I’ll probably keep up with the new season when it hits Australia. Otherwise, I was disappointed by the shocking lack of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    • someonewholikesstarwars

      yeah when is it hitting australia. I’m anxiously waiting!

  • B

    Yeah, and Obi is one of my favorite characters. =/ But I did love that trailer!

  • Kath

    Not enough Obi-Wan! Otherwise, looks very exciting!

    • Aaron Goins

      I didn’t really notice the lack of Obi-Wan in the trailer until you guys pointed it out. We did get a cool shot of him igniting his lightsaber.

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  • personwholikesstarwars

    I’m really excited! Anikan, Obi-wan, Ahsoka, Ventress, Night sisters, Count Dooku, Sidious and you can’t forget Yoda are all back! I wonder if we will see Savage Opress, Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, Plo Koon or Shaak Ti in this season? But the thing I’m excited to see is the episode with the togrutan slaves I wonder how ahsoka will go with it?

  • love star wars

    i want barriss offee to come back in this episode then put the clothing on clone wars adventures i love barriss i wonder if ahsoka will take it hard about seeying torutas as slaves :(