Dragon* Con! Thursday – SWR #9


Live from the convention floor, here’s a special report from Dragon* Con, Thursday evening!

Riley and I arrived in Atlanta earlier in the afternoon and headed to the Sheraton hotel to pick up our con passes.

Thankfully we seemed to miss the longer lines. =)

We explored most of the hotels thoroughly and managed to get ourselves turned around quite a bit, but we had fun!

There were already sooo many people everywhere, and the costumers were making a good appearance too!

Riley and I ran into Aaron Allston!

We also met up with Nanci of EUCantina, Tracy of Club Jade, and Lane of Roqoo Depot!

It was great running into you guys!

We checked out the Star Wars main panel room, and the staff there were putting the finishing touches on the room.

It was a fun evening getting oriented!

We’ll have more con coverage so stay tuned!

– Bethany

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  • http://twitter.com/illogicalRogue2 Jedi Maleko Hurliman

    Nice! Love the picture of the levels! Wow!

    • http://twitter.com/Aelinwen B

      Thanks! Do you think I put too many pictures in?