Dragon* Con! Friday – SWR #10


Our recap of Friday at Dragon* Con!

Friday morning started out, for us, with a William Shatner panel! There was a long, snaking line to get into his panel, and Riley and I were able to get into an overflow room where we saw Mr. Shatner live on a large projector screen. William Shatner is quite a good story teller, he had the audience quite entranced!

Next we went to Meet the Fan Groups panel. There we met the fans. Did I mention meeting people, fans specifically?? =P

It was fun, we met and talked to most of the Star Wars costuming groups out there including the 501st, The Dark Empire, The Rebel Legion and The Mandalorian Mercs.

Have we mentioned that there are a lot of people at Dragon* Con?

We also attended a panel called Intro to the Expanded Universe. (Which, much to our amusement, was introduced as the Extended Universe.) It was discussed where one should start if starting in the EU for the first time.

Then we went to the Meet Jango, Ahsoka and Chewbacca panel!

There were a number of great costumes as usual!

Then my camera died. *sigh*

– Bethany

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