Dragon* Con! Saturday – SWR #11


Our recap of Saturday at Dragon* Con!

After having difficulty with faulty mic cables late Friday night, we stopped at Radio Shack and bought new cables, which in turn made us a bit late for the annual Dragon* Con parade. Fortunately for us, the Star Wars portion of the parade was last in line!

Next we went to Meet the Stars of Star Wars panel with Ashley Eckstein, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew and Temuera Morrison! That was a fun Q and A session and Riley recorded it so look for it soon! Check out Bryan Young’s post on it!

Then we went to a Smallville panel that Sam Witwer was on and enjoyed ourselves greatly! All of the panelists were very energetic and dynamic, they had great chemistry. Riley recorded the second half of this one, look for it later too!

And then, this really, exceedingly, cute, tiny Superman got to hug Laura Vandervoort!


After that we attended the Timothy Zahn Heir to the Empire panel! We had a ton of fun at this panel, and talked with some friends afterwords. =)

This is one of our recording set ups.

We also attended part of the Voice Acting panel!

Afterwords we conducted several interviews that we’ll post later, and then we recorded our recap episode and interviewed a few fans and cosplayers!  Below, that’s a person, not a statue!!

Thank you everyone who consented to being interviewed!

And we interviewed these ladies too!

And the long way down from the middle of the Marriot, not even the top!!!

May the Force be with you!

– Bethany

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