Dragon* Con! Sunday – SWR #12


Our recap of Sunday at Dragon* Con!

Our day started out with the Mythology, Philosophy, and Truth of Star Wars panel! We had a good time listening to Timothy Zahn and Gary Kurtz discussing all things “myth” in Star Wars.

Then we went over to the Her Universe booth!

Riley and I separated and I did most of a video walkthrough of Dragon* Con that I hope turns out and he attended a Battlestar Galactica fan panel that had Michael Falkner in it! We would have loved to have been at The One Ring.net’s panel about the Hobbit but by the time we got there it was too full. =( So, we left for the other hotel (the Hilton) and conducted a few interviews that we’ll release later.

Afterwords, we sat in for Tom Merritt’s Frame Rate panel.

Next was Ask the Authors! That panel was hilariously fun! I know that I’m kind of commenting like “Oh, that panel was fun, so and so was nice, that other panel was fun…” but we plan on doing a recap episode of Dragon* Con and you can expect more detail there. =)

Hmm, I just realized that Riley and I haven’t taken any pictures of each other we’ve been so busy! =/

In line for the next panel.

After that we went to the Battlestar Galactica panel Sometimes You Gotta Roll a Hard Six! This panel was also fun (see, I’m doing it again..) and at the very end Edward James Olmos led the massive crowd in screaming “SO SAY WE ALL!!!” at the very end! It was quite electrifying to be a part of! We did record this panel, but we didn’t catch that part because the moderator had just wrapped up and finished the panel when Mr. Olmos lifted up his mic and commanded the audience into thunderous tribute to the series and to everyone in the panel!

Then! A random creature. What is it guys? I have a feeling I should know…. sooo tired now though….

We went to NSFW’s (New Show Full of Win, or New Sauce for the Webernets) live podcast episode, and we learned quite a bit watching how they conducted their live show and looking at their equipment afterwords.

Then, our wonderful mother picked us up and brought us dinner! We drove home and our doggy raced in as mad as a hatter running circles around me until I stopped, hugged, kissed, and patted her, and put her on my lap. Now I’ll sleep.

Remember, many Bothan’s were sleep-deprived to bring you this podcast!


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  • http://twitter.com/illogicalRogue2 Jedi Maleko Hurliman

    B- the “it” is an Alien from the self titled movie with Sigourney Weaver.

    • http://twitter.com/Aelinwen B

      Thanks Mark, I knew it was familiar. =)