Dragon* Con! Monday – SWR #13


Our recap episode of Dragon* Con on Monday!

Monday started for us with the Music and Sounds of Star Wars panel! The panelists discussed a number of sounds in the original trilogy, including the Wilhelm scream, the different ways lightsaber sounds were made, etc. Riley and I sat next to Tracy of Club Jade and enjoyed some snark and some Star Wars! We also met Kelly of Big Shiny Robot! (Bryan Young of Big Shiny Robot was one of the panelists.)

Afterwords we attended a Battlestar Galactica panel called “On Your Feet Nuggets!” which was quite funny. Edward James Olmos led the crowd in his “So Say We All!” cry! (And we got it recorded this time!!) This is also where we said goodbye to Nanci, Lane and Shannon. =(

Then we went to the Order 66 panel, which was a sort of feedback panel for the Star Wars track of Dragon* Con. An after action review if you will. It was quite long, but very informative. I learned quite a bit about what being a member of staff at Dragon* Con would be like, and that most staff at Dragon* Con, even the security, are volunteers.

Afterwords I finished my walk through of the Marriott hotel. We also had, for the first time at Dragon*Con, time to browse for thirty minutes in the dealer’s hall! Yay! YAY!! Finally! Then we recorded our Monday recap episode.

I took various pictures of the hotel, the dealer’s room and Atlanta. I’ll put a few here, but look for a lot more on Facebook!

Below is the autograph hall (walk of fame) where the stars sat to sign autographs (or be interviewed) and take pictures with the fans.

Atlanta in the rain.

The dealer’s hall was amazing! I’m really glad we finally had time to browse if for a little while!

Our shirts that we bought at the con, my Her Universe wrist band, and our Club Jade wrist bands. Also our passes and 501st game badges.

This is our handy dandy bag that held our audio equipment! We had the recorder in it, and would pull out the mics when we interviewed someone or recorded a recap episode.

The Marriott hotel. It was quite amazing!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these daily recap episodes! We’ll have the interviews up soon, so look for them!

May the Force be with you!

– Bethany

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