Star Wars Report Podcast begins weekly LIVE programing on Middle Earth Network Radio!

Mark your calender! The Star Wars Report Podcast is beginning weekly LIVE programing on Middle Earth Network Radio! Beginning the 27th of October, every Thursday night at 8pm eastern standard time, you can tune into the Star Wars Report live show.
Each week join Riley, Bethany, and Mark as they discuss the latest and greatest from the Star Wars community, cover all of the latest Star Wars news, read listener emails, and just have a grand time talking about every one’s favorite galaxy far, far away. 

We would be honored if you would join us.

About us:
What is The Star Wars Report? Simply put, the Star Wars Report is a podcast dedicated to covering the latest Star Wars news. From the Saga, to the Expanded Universe, from The Clone Wars, to the live action series, to The Old Republic and beyond! The Star Wars Report is your source for news from the galaxy far, far away.
It is our hope to be a unifying force in the Star Wars fan community. We hope that you choose to tune into the show to share some laughs, have some fun, and shoot some stormtroopers! And yes, many Bothans died to bring you this podcast, and this site. They are our mascots after all. 

As for your Hosts:

Riley is the front man of the Report, his fresh look at Star Wars and it’s fandom keep the show well grounded.
Bethany (Riley’s sister) joined him at the shows inception. Her optimism and enthusiasm, about the world of fandom and podcasting, make every episode fun to listen to with its contrast of varying points of view.
Mark, hailing from EUCast, Mark brings a more versed background of knowledge when dealing with the “Expanded Universe” side of Star Wars. He brings the energy and passion that sometimes just can’t be contained.

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