The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup October 27


Welcome back to your TCW Weekly Roundup.

We already did a big Roundup that included a preview of the next Star Wars: The Clone Wars story arc, starting with Darkness on Umbara.

So this one will be a quick update with some new information.

Courtesy of Star Wars Insider magazine and we have a preview of Clone Captain Rex’s new modified armor.





It is interesting to see the changes to the new character model of Rex.  The carry over of the Jaig eyes from helmet to helmet, the blue pauldron and the kama, clearly marks the character as Rex, but it looks like Rex is taking a bit of a darker tone with the recording of his kills.  You will notice that not only are kills marked on his helmet, but also all over his arm and leg armor.

As my fellow The Star Wars Report staff members pointed out, check out the light blue weld marks on the helmet and the chest piece.  A pretty cool touch, and hopefully we get a cool Iron Man like building the armor scene at some point.

This seems like the kind of change that would be a perfect time to get an episode commentary by Dave Filoni explaining the change in design, alas these video commentaries appear to be a thing of the past.

Enjoy this weeks episode and come on back next Thursday as we preview episode 4.08 The General and cover any other TCW news that breaks.

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  • Zakysmith

    i agree clone wars doesn’t seem the same without the commentary by Dave Filoni explaining story arcs design characters etc maybe Lucas Inc feel no need to explain these things because of the criticism they have got from fans about diluting the expanded star wars cannon or maybe that will be part of the merchandise included in the forth coming season 4 dvd.