Chilling in the Wampa’s Lair! – SWR #21


Welcome back to The Star Wars Report!

On this episode of  The Star Was Report, we introduce special guest host, Karl a host of the newly founded Star Wars podcast, The Wampa’s Lair! We announce that Karl, and his co-host Jason, will be joining us as another podcast for The Star Wars Report! We believe that all of you will enjoy listening to their unique podcast, which is more of a discussion based show, focusing more on topics from the movies, and the expanded universe, and less on news!

Your hosts speculate about what Star Wars: Identities could be.

And, FIRE! on Skywalker ranch! Also, how cool would it be to have your own private fire crew? You could call it the Skywalker force! =D

We also converse a fair amount about the recent TCW episodes.

Thanks for tuning in!








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