The Clone Wars Season 4: What’s Coming Up?


What Else Can We Expect from Season 4 of The Clone Wars?

We have gotten three episodes about fish species fighting each other, one about Gungans, two Droids episodes and we are in the midst of an awesome clone-centric 4-parter.  This Friday’s episode will be the tenth of the season.  With 12 episodes left after that, what can we expect from the rest of the season?  Let’s take a look at some images that have been revealed to us in trailers and see if we can shed some light on what is left in Season 4.

Slaves of the Republic
Directly following the Umbara story arc, there will be a three episode story arc with episodes titled “Slaves of the Republic”, “Kidnapped” and “Escape from Kadavo”.  This story arc is to be based on the Dark Horse comic story Slaves of the Republic.  Many of the images we have seen in the trailers seem to come from this story arc.  In many ways, it seems like they have stayed true to the comic with some of the images from the show looking like they were lifted straight from the comic.

This image of Ahsoka and the others looks like it is right out of the comic book.

The basic premise of the comic story is that some Togruta have been kidnapped and sold into slavery, and Anakin, Obi-wan, Ahsoka, and Rex go to try and free them.  It will be nice to see the “Big 4” back together again.  In fact, it will be nice to see Obi-Wan actually do something this season since he has been nearly non-existent in the first nine episodes.  It will also be interesting to see how close they stay to the comic storyline.  Based on the images we have seen, they have already decided to drastically change the appearance of the Zygerrians from the comic.  In the comic they have long red hair, but in the show it seems to have been switched out for cat or bat-like ears.

Presumably a Zygerrian leader.

SPOILER ALERT: The inclusion of what looks to be Rex in some of the images would indicate that he does indeed survive the events on Umbara.

More speeder bike action.

Ever since their appearance in Season Two we have all wondered when we would see Deathwatch again.  This season promises to show their return.  Based on this image it looks like we are going to see Pre Vizsla again and he has gotten some cool upgrades to his helmet.

He must get great reception.

You may also notice Lux Bonteri in the above picture.  Lux is a character who was introduced in Season 3 as the son of a Separatist and a possible love interest for Ahsoka.  Based on a preview clip that was shown before the season even started, we will see Lux traveling with Ahsoka and an encounter with Deathwatch on a snowy planet.  It will be interesting to see how Lux reacts to the Deathwatch.  He is a troubled boy/man because he believes both of his parents were killed by the Republic.  Will he join Deathwatch?  Is he secretly already a member?  We can also look forward to seeing the female Deathwatch character, Bo-Katan, voiced by Katee Sackhoff.

Deathwatch picks really pretty planets to hang out on.
Looks like they captured Artoo too.

Cad Bane and Bossk
Since they are both members of species who have a lot of similar looking members, we cannot be 100% sure, but these sure look like images of a couple of our favorite bounty hunters staging a prison break.  The last time we saw Cad Bane he was escaping capture by Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos.  How did he get stuck in prison?  Is he there just to break Bossk out?  Is Boba Fett still in prison too?

All Duros look the same.
Bossk knocking out some guards

Asajj Ventress on Dathomir
Another thing we know is coming up this season is the return of Asajj Ventress.  Based on the images it looks like she is back on Dathomir leading some nightsisters against General Grievous and his droids.

Ventress facing off against some commando droids.
The ultimate showdown!

Darth Maul and Savage Opress
We have been promised Maul sometime in Season 4.  We have even been shown an image of him, but it is still being speculated what form he will be in.  Most believe we will indeed get Maul in a physical form in The Clone Wars.  What we don’t know is if he is going to be whole.  Mech legs or not it will be cool to see the silent assassin from The Phanton Menace back.  And what about his brother?  Because we are getting Maul does that automatically mean we are getting Savage Opress this season too?  Let’s hope so.

Here are a couple more images.  Not sure exactly where they fit into the remaining stories in the season.

Who is this clone?
Some Wolfpack members using jet packs. Awesome.

And one last thing I noticed.  In the season 4 trailer that was shown before the season started, there is a quick sequence where Commander Cody is showing a hologram to what looks like a Jedi.  Anakin approaches them and uses the Force to pull the hologram out of Cody’s hand and destroys it in anger.  It happens so fast in the trailer you might have missed it.  In this first image it is hard to make out what the hologram is showing.


As the hologram is being pulled away it becomes clearer for just a second.  It shows what looks like a Zabrak male.  Is that Darth Maul?  Savage Oppress?  Eeth Koth?  Is it even a Zabrak?  Am I just seeing what I want to see?


And then Anakin destroys it.  Whatever it was, Anakin did not like it very much.  Time will reveal all.  Or at least all that Filoni wants it to reveal.


What do you want to see in the rest of Season 4?  Let us know in the comments below.

Aaron Goins

Sources:, Wookieepedia



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  • guest

    I don’t think lux belives that both his parents were killed by the republic, because in the episode pursuit of peace bail organa mentions that the republic spies reported that lux’s mother was murdered by dooku’s thugs, and in an entertainment weekly article online, it stated that he has renounced dooku’s galaxy spaning war against the republic and has saught refuge with the death watch

    • Riley B.

      Interesting, I’m very curious to see where Lux ends up! Do you have any theorys as to what may happen to Lux? Do you happen to have a link to that entertainment weekly article? I’d love to check it out, but no biggie if you don’t. =) ~ Bethany

    • Aaron Goins

      Well I guess that means Lux has already joined Deathwatch. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  • Barret99k

    it’s not a clone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on. and they sat they love starwars. I could do a lot better than that. no offence

    • Riley B.

      Are you referring to the picture with the caption “Who is this clone?”? If so, I’m a bit puzzled, it appears to be a clone to me, same facial structure, and he’s holding a clone’s helmet. What makes you think he’s not a clone? Or maybe, he’s impersonating one? ~ Bethany of The Star Wars Report

    • Riley B.

      I also really appreciate the work that our writers do here, and if it’s not a clone, and therefore a mistake, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love Star Wars, as you seem to imply. I don’t mind constructive criticism, (actually I welcome it) but do keep in mind as you comment on articles etc. that people spend time and effort writing and creating things, usually for the reader’s entertainment, and let this temper any annoyance you have with them. They don’t HAVE to write for you, for free. My philosophy is we do what we love, and hope you enjoy it too! And, if you can do better on an article, we always love having more articles. Feel free to write one up and send it to us! If it’s good, I’ll post it! Thanks! ~ Bethany

    • Aaron Goins

      I think it’s a clone :)
      This article is just speculation based on images. We’ll know more once the episodes air.

  • Riley B.

    I’m really looking forward to the rest of this season! =D ~ Bethany

  • Willy

    I wonder if that rodian in that one image is Greedo. It’s hard to tell. All rodians look alike.

    • Riley B.

      Hmm, I wondered that myself. I guess we’ll find out! =) ~ Bethany

  • madcow

    the hologram is a Zygerrian slaver. And I think there is an assassin droid next to what may be greedo! I can’t wait for the deathwatch episode…it looks like its gonna be good!