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Welcome back to The Star Wars Report! After a few technical difficulties, (Bethany’s computer crashed and displayed the Windows Blue Screen of DEATH! It had been attacked by two Sith viruses.) we managed, after some delay, to get the show going live on ustream! Hopefully, after our Thanksgiving break, we’ll be live as usual on Middle-earth Network Radio!

We had two special guests on this episode, Geralyn and Stephen of the Star Wars fan site Roqoo Depot! We had a lot of fun talking to them, and sadly didn’t get to stay on very long with them as we had some connection problems. Perhaps we can have them on again in the future! Be sure to visit their site!

We also discussed the long-in-making, live action series, and speculated many things about it. When will it come into being? Why do we even want a live action series when we have TCW and the EU? (That’s a well duh, question for me, lol.) Why does it take so long to have the money to make it when it’s been announced for six years!? And in planning even longer!


And, as has been usual recently, we talked about the latest The Clone Wars episodes, and speculated about the next several episodes.

This episode of The Star Wars Report is brought to you by Toy Hutt! A wonderful place to purchase Star Wars action figures, models, puzzles and more! We looked at a specific item in this episode, a Naboo Starfighter, model kit, which Bethany was rather fascinated by. http://www.toyhutt.com/ep1naboofightermodel.html Visit their site, and support us!

Nice of you guys to drop by, and I hope you enjoy the show!

~ Bethany

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The Clone Wars Weekly Roundup 11/18

Welcome back to the Weekly Clone Wars Roundup. Well, we haven’t been very regular lately, but that is the Separatist’s fault.  Really I blame the Sepies.  Not my fault at all….but I digress, let’s get into it.

Beware readers, there be Clone Wars Spoilers below…

Rex reacts in the Carnage of Krell. From Starwars.com

Carnage of Krell:

A rapid reaction to Carnage of Krell, one of the best episodes of the series yet.   At least we know the title wasn’t intended as misdirection.  This episode had tons of carnage.  It was possibly the most fun episode of a cartoon series I have ever watched, and if you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading and go watch it.

Krell is like General Grievous, except with the ability to use the Force and with a backbone.  The lightsaber action in this episode was incredible!  I can’t say enough about how much fun this episode was.  I do have some lingering questions about the end of the episode and how the Clones and Jedi will react to it going forward.  I loved Krell giving the Clone the Bane-Batman treatment.

There were some absolutely brutal deaths in this episode.

The story of the Clones is so compelling, and it is great to see Dee Bradley Baker get to play around with the range of characters and emotions that he got to deal with in this episode.

Dig into the episode guide now and watch the episode on Starwars.com Saturday.

Kidnapped Preview:

Togruta Concept Art from Starwars.com


StarWars.com and the Cartoon Network have up an extended preview of a scene from next week’s episode, Kidnapped (4.11) the first episode in the Slaves of the Republic arc.  The scene we see in the preview is an extension of the brief speeder bike chase we saw in the Season Four Teaser Trailer.  It is neat to see the ‘big three’ Jedi back in the show, but I wish they would go back to the actually cut up trailers instead of simply previewing entire scenes.  It seems like they are going for the quick and easy path,  but maybe some fans prefer this style of preview.

More Clone Wars in the EU?

Suvudu.com contributor Eric Geller talked to new Senior Editor at LucasBooks Jennifer Heddle, who had the following to say regarding The Clone Wars in Star Wars publishing;

Are there plans to integrate future EU novels more closely with The Clone Wars animated series?

I think that with the evolving continuity of The Clone Wars, we all feel that there’s a responsibility for us there, to make sure the pieces fit together as much as possible as we move forward. But if you’re asking whether there will be further Clone Wars novels, I don’t think that’s been decided just yet. ~Suvudu.com Interview

I detested the trade sized paperbacks that Karen Millers Clone Wars novels came in, but I would be interested to see TCW explored in a deeper way in the EU.  I think Cad Bane is just crying out for a novel to tell his back story.  I understand the continuity concerns, but as TCW animated series winds down, I think we will see some EU stories flourish in the timeline to fill in the gaps and flesh out some minor characters that fans may become attached to.

Well that is all for this time, until next time keep your Buy’ce on and an eye on your Jedi, you never know what may happen.

~ Pete