Collector’s Helmets Aquire George Lucas’ Signature!


Remember the press release we posted a little while ago about the autographed Star Wars, trooper helmets auction? Well, we wanted to remind you that the auction is LIVE on ebay now! With just over three days left on the auction, don’t miss your chance to own a one of a kind, Star Wars collectible!  There are two helmets for auction, one is a Republic Commando helmet, and the other is a Clone Trooper helmet. The big news is that George Lucas himself has recently signed the helmets! Once in a lifetime chance to get a collectible like one of these, guys!

Both have been signed by over forty-nine Star Wars actors and actresses, writers, producers, artists, directors, comedians, sound designers, etc.

Stephen Stanton, a well-known Star Wars: The Clone Wars actor, and many other people have put a lot of effort into creating these helmets, and getting signatures for them, in order to raise money in a charity auction of the helmets to help a little girl, Leah Esquenazi.

Baby Leah Esquenazi and her parents, Zev and Frani, have spent most of the last 8 months in the PICU at UCLA hospital. “Princess Leah” as she has come to be known in the Star Wars community was struck by a mysterious illness that causes uncontrollable movement and breathing problems. She has had multiple surgeries including the removal of cataracts in both eyes and has to spend much of her time on a ventilator. Over 60 doctors, hundreds of tests and $2.5 million later, little Leah continues to struggle for survival.

The Republic Commando helmet was created for Stephen Stanton, the voice of Captain Tarkin in Star Wars: The Clone Wars series to take with him to Star Wars Fan Days 2011 in Dallas to collect donations for “Princess Leah”.  It was handmade and donated by Nick Bishop and the members of his Thylacine Squad of the 501st in Tasmania.

Check out the video Taylor, aka LadyVader66 on youtube, has made of the helmets and their signings.

For more information on how to support little Leah, visit her and her parent’s blog.

For more information about the helmets, check out their ebay auction descriptions.

Republic Commando Helmet Clone Trooper Helmet

Also check out Stephen Stanton’s facebook page for more information, pictures, updates on more autographs, and discussion about the helmets.

~ Bethany



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