The Order, and the Republic – SWR #23


Greetings, and welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT! I, Bethany, the one and only, did the show intro!

On this episode, Riley spoke of his experience playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, in beta.

We had special guests from the New Jedi Order Encyclopedia, Chris and Punit on, and interviewed them about their site!

We also had a number of people in the chat this episode, (where they made fun of me for mis-introducing our guests) be sure and tune into our live shows to join us there! You guys make shows twice as fun. =)

Thanks to Toy Hutt for sponsoring this episode of The Star Wars Report! Check them out at

We also talked about the recently revealed Star Wars Identities, and how all our speculations were incorrect.

And, we arrived at an agreement as to what Krell truly is….. a Jerky McJerk Face!

I hope you enjoy this latest episode, and may the Force be with you in the up-coming holidays!

~ Bethany






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