SWR Special: “WARS” interview


Here’s a very special episode of the Star Wars Report. We interview Nathan P Butler, Sean Williams, and Jim Perry about they’re work in the “WARS” franchise

“Nathan P. Butler is the author of “Healers and Hunters”, the Earther novella in Preludes. Nathan has contributed to Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars Talescomic book series, published two works of original fiction, Echoes and Greater Good, voluntarily composed the massive Star Wars continuity fan-work “The Star Wars Timeline: Gold”, and will begin hosting a brand new podcast; Star Wars Beyond the Films beginning in January.”

“Sean E. Williams, an independent filmmaker who produced the indy film, Blues, and is part of the writing team on the new Fairest comic book title (a spinoff of Vertigo’s popular Fables series), penned “The Great Journey”, the novella in Preludes representing the Gongen faction (in WARS the Gongen are displaced Asian refugees who migrate to Mars and rename the planet and their culture ‘Gongen’).”

“Jim Perry, no stranger to those in the podiocasting and Star Wars fan-audio drama communities with his pop-culture themed podcast “The Adventures of Indiana Jim” and his ultra-popular fan-made audio dramatizationStar Wars – Codename: Starkeeper, rounded up Preludes with his “Firefight at Overwatch Command”, a story exploring the origins and character of fan-favorite character (from the related WARS card game), Jack Wilgress.”

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