Beyond the Films Special – SWR #27


Greetings exalted ones!

Though we, your hosts, are taking a holiday break from the Star Wars Report this week, we bring you a special episode to hold you over until our live show next Thursday.

This episode tells you more about our upcoming expanded universe podcast, Star Wars Beyond the Films, and how it came to be. This is partially an excerpt from the Star Wars podcasting network, Solo Sound, from one of their podcasts, the EU Review episode twenty-three, in which Nathan Butler gives an in depth look at what’s up with the new show! It also has a special intro that Riley recorded; he talks about Star Wars Beyond the Films, and a few other things as well.

We’re quite excited about Star Wars Beyond the Films, and think that you guys must be too, considering a number of you’ve already followed their Twitter account and liked their Facebook page!

Check out Solo Sound for more Star Wars podcasting! Here are their Twitter, and their Facebook accounts.

Our thanks goes to Nathan Butler for permission to use an excerpt of the EU Review.

May the Force be with you, always!


P.S. This post has too many hypertext hyperlinks….. so much good content! Peace out!






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