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Top 5 Planets – TWL #7

Join Jason and Karl as they usher in the New Year with a fun show all about their favorite planets from the Star Wars Universe. From the bustling metropolis of Coruscant to the deep woods of Endor, Karl and Jason discuss what it is about these lovable planets that stand out to them and give an analysis of what makes these planets so special. Also, be sure to tune in for some exciting news at the end of the show…

De Jabba No SOPA, Slimo! – SWR #28

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

On this episode of the Star Wars Report, special guest Pete Morrison joins us to talk all things Star Wars!

We discussed dancing in The Old Republic, (Yes, it really happened!) and Timothy Zahn’s upcoming Han Solo novel!

Our thanks go to Toy Hutt for sponsoring this episode! The guys over there are on vacation right now, and I hope they enjoy themselves as much as this trooper is!

Also, an interesting George Lucas interview, and the possibility of The Old Republic coming to Macintosh computers!

Nathan Butler joins us partway through the show to talk about the ebook release of Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter!

And also, the Death of the Internet! (Ok, rather melodramatic, but it’s partly true!) SOPA!

Be sure and join us for our weekly live show on Middle-earth Network Radio! We often have exclusive, live only content over there; this week, we discussed Red Letter Media’s The Phantom Menace Rebuttal, along with other topics, with all the people in the  chat!

Thanks for tuning in!

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