“I ate them! I ate them all!!” – SWR #30


Welcome back to the Star Wars Report podcast!

On this episode of the Star Wars Report, we talked a little bit about the last episode, and fallout from the RANT OF DOOM! (It wasn’t really a rant of doom, but I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘doom’ in one of these posts. Also, beware clicking on the fiery image of doom below, something might happen!)

We also talked about goal setting, and some of our goals for the Star Wars Report.

We mentioned Ewan McGregor’s surprise upon learning that the Phantom Menace was being re-released in 3D.

Sam Witwer was a zombie soldier in The Walking Dead!?

Sadly, Bob Anderson died at the age of 89, after contributing to some of the best known movie franchises in the world.

On a more upbeat note, the world has gone to the dogs, and the dogs have gone to the Bark Side!

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We admired two different Barriss Offee figures.

Then we discussed Underworld!

Um no, not that one. Star Wars: Underworld, the oft mentioned Star Wars live action series that’s in the works! (Which also shares the name of a little known Star Wars comic made back in the early 2000s.)

George Lucas retires? Or does he?

And finally, we discuss the burgers of the dark side, and much hilarity ensues. Thank you Eric for pointing out this story and the comments! And a thank you to all listeners who email us, we really appreciate it!

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  • http://ericxdu.tumblr.com/home Eric Duhamel

    Do you think those people who seem to constantly complain about new Star Wars material (who were the subject of last episode’s rant) could be considered the voice of the loyal opposition?

    If this is the case then it puts the whole subject into perspective for me… the most outspoken fans/critics could be the very people that inspire Lucasfilm to make quality products.

    • http://twitter.com/BothanReport Riley B.

      It may very well be true that the naysayers and oft negative people we speak of are the “voice of the loyal opposition”, but at the same time, there are a lot of people who really like the “new Star Wars material” the way it is, so it’s a really hard judgement call to make. The email we read from Anthony Madden on this episode made good points, he enjoys Star Wars, but has been disappointed with some things, and when fans have complained enough, sometimes creators take heed and change things for the better. It should be fairly balanced, and who’s to judge what, exactly, is balance? For me it’s understanding that I didn’t spend 23 years making a historical, inspiring movie to have some teenager bash the whole movie because they didn’t like several lines of dialogue. (As in Red Tails) But as a movie goer, I can fairly say that sometimes the dialogue wasn’t all great, and I believe it’s fair for me to say that, but not fair for me to rail and rant and rave about it. It’s just a movie for me, an inspirational story yes, but still just a movie, and I’d better have good reason to bash someone else’s 23 year project that they sunk millions into. If that makes sense. I can fairly say that I don’t like something, but I don’t feel comfortable dismissing someone else’s entire works based on one (or even many) smaller things. I do like that the internet gives the people more of a voice, and I feel we should use it to influence change for better, in movies, law, political issues, etc. I guess overall I just want to have fun, and save my fighting energy for something else, like fighting modern day slavery. Thanks Eric, and I like the good points you made! =) ~ Bethany