Post Cards for Baby Leah


Hey everyone, remember the post we did awhile back talking about our friend Chris’s project to help Baby Leah? Here’s another way everyone can help, by sending a post card to the little princess! Check below for more details!

~ Bethany

Postcards for Baby Leah

Since this “Journey” is for Baby “Princess” Leah our guest of honor, we
are adding postcards for Princess Leah to this Leia’s Journey for Baby

Anyone who would like to send in a postcard to Princess Leah just pick up
a postcard in your local area, write a personal message to Princess Leah
on the postcard, date it and mail it to us at the “Sarlacc Pit” podcast.

We will compile these postcards and put them together in a book that will
be given to Leah, along with the Leia 12″ action figure. That way as Leah
is growing up she can read all the messages from all of us who care about


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