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Darth Plagueis: At Last We Will Reveal Ourselves – SWBTF #5

Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

On this episode your hosts Nathan and Mark are joined by Peter Morrison, founder of LightSaber Rattling, and they discuss the Star Wars novel Darth Plagueis.

This episode is full of spoilers; you have been warned!

Right away your hosts start off by talking about the fifth, Bith Sith full of pith, Darth Tenebrous!

Also, they disagree a bit on the topic of the “Lucenopedia-ness” of the book, though they all like different aspects of the incorporation of references to other expanded universe works in Darth Plagueis.

Was Darth Plagueis truly wise? How did Palpatine grow into his role as a Sith Lord? What do your hosts think of the first part of the book? All this and more coming up!

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Fan Controversies – TWL #9

Join Jason and Karl as they sit down to discuss some of the Fan Controversies which have led to the unfortunate division of many Star Wars fans. In light of George Lucas’ recent remarks about how the Star Wars fan community has made him feel, Karl and Jason discuss some of these controversies which has led to such blatant criticism of the films we all love so much. From the Prequel trilogy to the dvd changes to Jar Jar Binks; many topics are discussed in the hopes of bringing a stronger unity to the Star Wars community!