Fan Controversies – TWL #9


Join Jason and Karl as they sit down to discuss some of the Fan Controversies which have led to the unfortunate division of many Star Wars fans. In light of George Lucas’ recent remarks about how the Star Wars fan community has made him feel, Karl and Jason discuss some of these controversies which has led to such blatant criticism of the films we all love so much. From the Prequel trilogy to the dvd changes to Jar Jar Binks; many topics are discussed in the hopes of bringing a stronger unity to the Star Wars community!

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  • Cypress

    Great topic! I forget who was against the RotJ Force-ghost change, but I think he made a great argument. I had always been against that change for purely nostalgic reasons, but now that I think about it more in-depth, I think it’s true: having Vader show up as his younger self really does seem to “undo” his whole journey to redemption.

  • Eric Duhamel

    I agree with (I think it was Carl) that Jar Jar didn’t work quite well in Phantom Menace as comic relief. He has no foil, and no one really reacts to his shenanigans, so everything he does in a scene falls flat. Better comic relief came from the original jokester, C-3PO. He usually had R2-D2 to bounce jokes with, and when he didn’t Han or Leia or someone else usually interacted with him. Jar Jar is just there.