Jar Jar Strikes Back – TWL #10















In their tenth episode, Karl and Jason sit down to discuss all things Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in celebration of its re-release in 3D! They discuss what they liked about seeing the film again on the big screen as well as what it was like seeing Star Wars in 3D.  Then they do what they love best: dive into the Star Wars story itself as they go into a movie-long discussion of Episode 1.  From all the major plot points to character development, Karl and Jason have a great time submersing themselves into the phantom menace! Be sure to stick around for the end of the show as they give more details about their first ever Wampa’s Lair give away!


































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  • SW2012

    Have you guys used the Darth Maul Me game? You can take a photo, select your Darth Maul face, download your image and tweet it @verizonwireless with #DarthMaulMe in the tweet for the chance to win an LG Spectrum!

  • The Brutal One

    As a matter of fact, I did chime in for Sidious! You must have missed the Facebook post I made. I forget what I said, because of my “Sith-timer’s,” but rest assured, Sidious had Luke on the receiving end of another shocking experience. My opinion was that Grand Master Yoda could barely hold his own against Sidious in ROTS, and I think that Luke, especially after his electrifying experience in ROTJ (when he needed help from daddy to rid him self of his masterful dark side assailant), the farm boy-turned-Grand-Wizard-fella, in my dark opinion, still would need assistance against Sidious. Face it, misguided lightsiders never see what lays waiting in the shadows; and Luke was one poor misguided soul. In the EU, he went all over the map trying to find his momma, to no avail! Papa Palpatine for the win; just because his anger gives him focus, and Luke needs to dim the lights a bit so he can see where he is going.

    I’ll post my responses here, instead of Facebook, just to make sure you get them.

    As for this duel…

    Yoda vs. Kenobi??? I have to choose between which to pieces of light-sided slime I like better to win a fight? This taxes my keen dark side intellect, but my vision isn’t so clouded that I can’t see where this is going. You have Sith envy. That’s it – there can be no other explanation. Leaving the Sith out of this duel is a clear indication that you a jealous of them. Alas… Yoda would win. Why, because after his many many years of training Dooku, then Qui Gon, fighting the apprentice of his apprentice’s apprentice would drive him raving mad. Yoda would fall to the dark side our of sheer frustration that the Jedi can no longer teach effectively, and he would give Obi a sizzling cauterized run-through about how things are done. Yoda did it to a clone (okay, more than one clone), alongside Obi Wan, and he’d do it to Obi Wan, too. Why, because he’s dark side Yoda. ‘Nuff said.

    Great episode, gang. I really enjoyed it. Despite the fact that the cloudy dark side kept you from seeing my Facebook post! — The Brutal One