Interview with Anna Graves


In the latest Star Wars Report podcast episode we had the pleasure of interviewing voice actress Anna Graves. Below is an exerpt of her interview.













Star Wars Report: How did you get into the voice over industry?

Anna Graves: It’s interesting because some people know what they want to do when they’re little tots but I was theater actor growing up and loved doing accents as a character that I was playing on stage. So when I moved out to LA, I thought “well it’s only natural that I try to do film”.  Although for me personally, I found it to be a little uncomfortable. If you speak to other theater actors I think they’ve had similor experiences. I took a job working at a movie promotional trailer house where I had the pleasure of meeting the great Tony Rodgers who is a brilliant trailer VO guy. Sometimes instead of a male voice they’d need a female voice. That was when I realized that “Wait this is a real job. People can really do this”.

You can listen to the whole interview on episode 34 of the Star Wars Report podcast.


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