Beyond 3D – SWBTF #10


Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week The Defender and The Guru of our beloved EU (Mark & Nathan) tackle Star Wars in 3D and the viability of 3D in general. Is it a gimmick? Is it the next phase of the evolution of film as we know it?

They discuss the Nintendo 3DS, 3D movies, Glasses free 3D, Real D vs Dolby, 3D vs HD vs Blu-Ray; is theater a dying breed in terms of visual picture quality and overall social experience? Effects on 3D: are they so special? Do they give you a headache?

Was the 3D utilized to it’s fullest? Or should George and co. have added to the fight scenes to maxamize on 3D gimmickry? Or is it too soon after the latest round of additions in the Blu-Ray?

Should Star Wars games like PS3 Move and Star Wars Kinect utilize the 3D technologies? Where’s the Rogue Squadron: New Jedi Order game?! Or Battlefront 3? Should Lucasfilm’s energy perhaps be devoted somewhere else?

Opinions run rampant as the discussion twists and turns more times then Boba Fett’s backstory, with 3D and so much more!


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  • Eric Duhamel

    I would love an NJO Rogue Squadron game! I wanna shoot down skips.