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Interview with Anna Graves

In the latest Star Wars Report podcast episode we had the pleasure of interviewing voice actress Anna Graves. Below is an exerpt of her interview.













Star Wars Report: How did you get into the voice over industry?

Anna Graves: It’s interesting because some people know what they want to do when they’re little tots but I was theater actor growing up and loved doing accents as a character that I was playing on stage. So when I moved out to LA, I thought “well it’s only natural that I try to do film”.  Although for me personally, I found it to be a little uncomfortable. If you speak to other theater actors I think they’ve had similor experiences. I took a job working at a movie promotional trailer house where I had the pleasure of meeting the great Tony Rodgers who is a brilliant trailer VO guy. Sometimes instead of a male voice they’d need a female voice. That was when I realized that “Wait this is a real job. People can really do this”.

You can listen to the whole interview on episode 34 of the Star Wars Report podcast.


Duchess – SWR #34

In the latest episode of the Star Wars Report we interview voice actress Anna Graves. Star Wars fans know her as the voice of Obi Wan’s love interest “Duchess Satine”.








We also began a special four part podcast series reviewing each of the last four Clone Wars episodes of this season. We really got into some in-depth discussion about Massacre.

Thanks for tuning in!






Mysteries of the Expanse – SWBTF #9

Greetings exalted ones, and welcome to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

On this episode of Star Wars Beyond the Films, your hosts Nathan and Mark are joined by Kelly Adams, long time Star Wars (and Yoda) fan, writer and podcaster!  They discuss a number of things about mysteries in Star Wars: do you like knowing everything about everything in Star Wars? Would you prefer for there to be a lot of mystery surrounding your favorite aspects of the universe? How would you like mysteries and reveals to be balanced? Are some time periods in Star Wars too densely packed to leave any room for mysteries? Do you prefer cliff hangers? Or hate them?

They talk about gaps in the timeline, and Yoda’s past.

What about the fates of Rex and Ahsoka? Does knowing too much spoil it?

What will happen to them?

And then there’s The Fandom (it’s a) TRAP!  Does expecting too much cause disappointment? A story can’t please 100% of the people consuming it, 100% of the time. They also discuss the Nub and Midichlorians.

Has the EU grown too big, and has this caused issues with keeping the mystery? And, be honest, do you have time to re-read Star Wars books you especially liked if you’re also trying to read all Star Wars books as they come out? If you’re behind in reading them, does that mean you’ll be spoiled, and lose interest? Ah the pressures of being an expanded universe fan, keeping up the StarWarsdashians!

They also discus the clone conundrum,

and Jason Solo’s 5 year journey.

Hope you enjoy this episode of Star Wars Beyond the Films, and may the Force be with you always!


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