May is Star Wars Month


May is Star Wars Month

More and more it is becoming an accepted fact that May the Fourth (be with you) is Star Wars Day.  But that is not the only day in May that means something to Star Wars fans.  I recently discovered that May 1st is “501st Day” and May 14th is George Lucas’ birthday.  Not to mention every Star Wars film has been released in May.  So why just stop at May the Fourth?  Every day in May should be a Star Wars holiday.

So I came up with a list…

May 1 – 501st Day
When you see a trooper on this day, thank them for all they have done for the Empire.

May 2 – Wedge Antilles Day
The X-wing novel Wedge’s Gamble was released on May 2nd 1996.  This is a day to celebrate all of the unsung heroes of the Star Wars Saga.  Wear your X-wing t-shirt and pick up a Michael Stackpole novel.

May 3 – Star Wars Collecting Day
The Star Wars Episode I toy line launched on May 3rd 1999 revitalizing collectors all over the world.  Celebrate this day by picking up an action figure from your local Wal-Mart.  Don’t get a battle droid.  You can do better than that.

May 4 – Star Wars Day
May the Fourth be with you.

May 5 – Han Solo Day
The first novel of the Han Solo Trilogy, The Paradise Snare, was released on May 5th 1997.  Put on your Corellian Bloodstripe pants today and always shoot first.

May 6 – Star Wars Art Appreciation Day
The Art of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (Special Edition) was released on May 6th 1997.  One of the best things about Star Wars is all of the amazing art it has inspired.  Pick up your favorite Art Of book, get a nice cup of caf, and just relax.

May 7 – Obi-Wan Kenobi Day
Obi-Wan Kenobi was born in 57 BBY.  Who better to have their own holiday than the man who inspired Luke Skywalker to be a hero.  Celebrate this day by practicing your best krayt dragon roar (it’s ok if you can’t keep it consistent) and if you come up again a Sith Lord make sure to not aim for the waist but the head instead.

May 8 – Yuuzhan Vong Day
Star Wars: Invasion 0, Part 1 published on on May 8th 2009.  The Yuuzhan Vong literally changed the face of the Star Wars Expanded Universe when they came on the scene.  Celebrate this day by destroying something non-organic or getting a Star Wars tattoo.  Embrace the pain.

May 9 – Star Wars Comics Day
Nothing really big happened in the Star Wars world on this day but there were a couple comics published.  Also Star Wars comic colorist Domenico Neziti was born on this day in 1971.  Celebrate this day by going out and buying a Star Wars comic.  The 8th just happens to fall on a Wednesday this year which is the day most new comics hit the store.

May 10 – Star Wars Video Games Day
The Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Prima Official Game Guide was released on May 10 2005.  Star Wars video games may not be the best video games out there, but there are some pretty cool ones.  Sit down and play some Force Unleashed or Jedi Power Battles today, or if you want to stand up you can play Star Wars Kinect.  And don’t forget to cross your fingers for the next installment of Star Wars Battlefront.

May 11 – Blaster Day
The E-11 blaster rifle was the standard blaster rifle of the Imperial stormtroopers.  Do something random today.

May 12 – Parsec Day
We don’t know exactly how many parsecs the Millenium Falcon made the Kessel Run in, but we know it was less than twelve.  Take shortcuts everywhere you go today.

May 13 – Fett Day
Director Joe Johnston was born on this day in 1950.  He played a big part in designing the armor and weapons of Boba Fett in the Original Trilogy.  He has also said he would be interested in directing a Boba Fett movie. Celebrate this day by wearing that $20 Boba Fett helmet you found on clearance at Target.  Avoid purple lightsabers and sarlacc pits.

May 14 – The Maker Day
George Lucas’ birthday is May 14th 1944.  If you see anyone sporting a beard and flannel today, give them a hug.

May 15 – Spoiler Awareness Day
Thanks Paul for suggesting this one.  Spoilers hurt people and we need to be aware of the danger they pose.  Were you surprised by the death of Chewbacca?  I wasn’t, because someone spoiled me on the internet.  Now with Twitter and people clamoring to be the first to tell, it’s even a bigger problem.  Please think before posting spoilers about the latest episode of The Clone Wars or the Star Wars novel you are reading.  If you must post one precede it with a nice big SPOILER ALERT.

May 16 – Prequel Appreciation Day
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was released on May 16th 2002.  By now most fans have come to terms with the Prequels.  Some fans even loved them from the beginning.  This is a day to celebrate everything we love about the Prequels.  Show your support by randomly saying things like “I hate sand” or “yippee!” and always use “meesa” when referring to yourself.

May 17 – The Clone Wars Day
Now that the movies are over and George claims he will never make another one, The Clone Wars animated show is our Star Wars.  For the most part the show has not disappointed.  It has given us great new characters to follow and put them in beautifully animated environments.  Break out those Season 1-3 blu-rays and have a Clone Wars marathon today. 

May 18 – Qui-Gon Jinn Day
The Qui-Gon Jinn focused comic series, Jedi: The Dark Side, was released on May 18th 2011.  The mysterious Jedi who sadly was only in one movie.  There are some young readers books and a comic series if you want more Jinn though.  Celebrate this day by being kind to “another pathetic lifeform.”

May 19 – Chewbacca Day
Peter Mayhew’s (the man who played Chewbacca in the films) birthday is May 19th 1944.  Random wookiee roars are acceptable today and make sure to always spell wookiee correctly with two e’s.

May 20 – Star Tours Day
Star Tours: The Adventure Continues opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 20th 2011.  If you live in the Orlando area or any of the other locations with a Star Tours ride, go ride it today.  If not, plan to go to Star Wars Weekends at Disney World so you can check it out.

May 21 – Empire Strikes Back Day
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was released on May 21st 1980.  Watch Empire Strikes Back today, considered by many to be the best Star Wars film ever made.  Do or do not.  There is no try.

May 22 – R2-D2 Day
May 22nd… 2-2… R2-D2… get it?

May 23 – Lando Day
Lando Calrissian: Idiot’s Array was published as a Hyperspace exclusive short story on May 23rd 2008.  Today is the day to be extra smooth.  Bonus points if you wear a cape.

May 24 – Old Republic Day
Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance paperback was released on May 24th 2011.  The Old Republic era is quickly becoming a favorite place for Star Wars authors and game designers to explore.  There are any number of things you can do to celebrate this day.  Read some Tales of the Jedi or Knights of the Old Republic comics, read an Old Republic novel or play the classic KOTOR video game or the new MMO.  If you are rich and a little bit crazy you can have a lightsaber duel with your $6000 life-size Darth Malgus statue.

May 25 – Universal Day of the Jedi
According to Wookieepedia this day is known as “Universal Day of the Jedi.”  I have never heard of this.  Many fans consider this to be the true “Star Wars Day” because it is the anniversary of the release date of Star Wars: A New Hope (1977).  Frank Oz was also born on this day in 1944.  So maybe it should be known as Yoda Day.

May 26 – Grand Moff Day
Peter Cushing (the man who played Grand Moff Tarkin in the films) was born on May 26th 1913.  This is a day to not let anyone get in your way.  Blow up planets if you have to.  Even if the rebel base is on Dantooine, blow up the planet anyway.

May 27 – Dooku Day
Christopher Lee (the man who played Count Dooku in the Prequels) was born on May 27th 1922.  This is a day to celebrate all things Dark Side.  Vader helmets, Maul face paint, Palpatine robes, and Dooku pajamas are all acceptable today.

May 28 – Star Wars Documentary Day
The Star Wars Tech and Legacy Revealed documentaries aired on the History Channel on May 28th 2007.  To celebrate, get out your DVDs and blu-rays and jump right to the special features section.

May 29 – Mara Jade Day
*SPOILER ALERT* On May 29th 2007 the novel Sacrifice was published, and the beloved character of Mara Jade Skywalker was taken from us. Take today to reflect on all that she brought to the Star Wars universe. Use “farmboy” as a term of endearment today, and if you come across your nephew smack him on the back of his head.

May 30 – Legacy Day
The first novel in the Legacy series, Betrayal, was released on May 30th 2006.  The Legacy book series changed the direction of the galaxy and sent some of our favorite characters down a road we could not follow.  Today is a day to evaluate your actions and make sure you are making the right decisions. Don’t be a Jacen.

May 31 – Death Star Day
End May with a bang. Celebrate this day by watching Return of the Jedi.  End the month on a high note and watch that space station explode.  Dance with Ewoks if they are available.

Happy Star Wars month everyone!

Aaron Goins


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