Trivia from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…..


Trivia from a galaxy far, far away…..

Our friend Chris “Hothiceplanet” Smith has started a new Kickstarter project for his Star Wars Original Trilogy Trivia book! With that, I’ll hand it over to him to explain!

Star Wars: Original Trilogy Edition

Brand new Star Wars based Kick Starter Project

Why do you love Star Wars? Because of the movies, right? For the most part everyone falls in love with Star Wars because of the movies. You might love a lot of things in Star Wars, or if you’re like me you love pretty much everything, but the movies are what started it all for most of us.

Now we have a brand new trivia book from the Star Wars universe called: “Trivia from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…. Star Wars: Original Trilogy Edition”. This edition has 1,138 trivia questions from the A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi.

This book is for all ages, but was created for the first and second Star Wars generations, to pass along the love of the movies out to the third generation and beyond. This book will help to excite the younglings who have only known “The Clone Wars”. Watching these movies now, they will become even more intrigued as they search for answers.

So jump on over and join our publication team for some great rewards!

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