Motion Control: Part Deux – SWBTF #19


Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

On this episode your hosts continue their discussion about Star Wars gaming and motion control.

What would be an ideal game to make good use of pointer controls? Besides lightsaber control, what would be best to you?
This week we pick up where Episode #18 Motion Control: Ridiculous or Ridiculously Fun? left off. Nathan and Mark are joined by William Devereux of the We Talk Clones podcast to continue exploring Motion Control on next Gen systems, and the possibilities of future gaming utilizing new technologies.

Does motion control require a player to have a certain level of fitness?

Play Station’s Move layout is explained by Nathan.
Maybe there needs to be more wheel/joystick games and controllers?
PS Move may be what the Wiimotes should have been… but does Kinect have it the best?
Is adult gaming dead in the water? In other words, are most games now being aimed more at the younger generations of Star Wars Fans?

Battlefront 3, Imperial Commando, Jedi Knight… there are so many games that are considered “no brainers” that are still anticipated!
Are games viable with the Star Wars expanded universe currently? Are the ‘Big Three’ viable characters for modern Star Wars games?
Are more fans being introduced to the novels and comics through comics, or the other way around?
Marva Zane in Star Wars: Kinect and some of the story mode are discussed.

The next generation of Star Wars motion controlled games need strong characters, or should put already strongly developed characters into the game.
William talks about TOR and the character interaction.

Star Wars: Scourge is mentioned for doing well with new character cast, reminding Nathan of his most recently eaten words on the novel. The hosts explore the story in the Battlefront games, and the drive to know more. Sometimes having a great story hooks even more fans. Nathan reminds us of the hand held Battlefront games and their story-centric plots.

Is there a game that you might drop $300+ dollars to get a new console/tv to play the game to its fullest?

Are games without much of a story preferred? Or not?
Nathan micro rants: “CURSE YOU BEST BUY!”
Should really good game plots become books?
Mark micro rants about formats and The Clone Wars paperback novel only being available in the UK.

Also, are graphics in games what they should be, compared with what it truly available? Nathan explains his financial fiasco and engagment rings, regarding savings for SWEU material. And, Mark managed to fall out of his seat while recording. Nathan breaks down prices for the next gen systems and the various things needed to get into Motion Control Gaming.
Mark explains his venture into the next gen console war, and his MOST REGRETTABLE choice.
In the state of the gaming market, is now a good time to jump into a next gen system? Or are the NEXT next gen systems looming around the corner? WiiU we’re aiming our Death Star at YOU!




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