10 Years of Attack of the Clones: 5 Reasons Why Jango Fett ROCKS


So begins part 2!

This is a 7 part series focussing on the 10th anniversary of AOTC. This series will cumulate with our live video podcast commentary of the movie on Thursday the 24th at 7:30 EST at http://www.starwarsreport.com/live Be there!

I saw Attack of the Clones before the Empire Strikes Back.

There. I said it.

As a result I have always thought that Jango Fett was more cool than Boba. In AOTC, right from the start, you get the idea that he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. Like his Successor Boba, he was cold and calculated. Unlike his successor, he knew how to play with others. So withour further ado… I give you 5 Reasons Why Jango Fett rocks!

1. Jetpacks. I want one. Gimme one. Maybe if I ask very, very, very nicely he’ll give me one… (probably not)

2. One liners. They kina remind me of the Clint Eastwood style. “I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.” ―Jango Fett

3. Family bond It might be a little egotistical to want your son to be an exact genetic replica of you but hey, who am I to judge. At least he gave him free will.

4. Slave 1. If I could have either Slave 1 or the Millennium Falcon, I’d really have a hard time choosing. And I REALLY like the Millennium Falcon.

5. He took on Obi Wan!!! And unlike Grievous, he live to tell the tale… until well. This guy

In a world of good vs evil, black and white, it’s interesting to see a character who will just go for the highest bidder. It’s what made Han Solo such an interesting character in ANH. You can connect with these characters because they are like you. Our world has very little black and white in it and characters like Jango that serve as a connecting point back to our world.

Thus concludes the post #2. Be sure to swing by tomorrow for part three!

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