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Mandalorians… ‘Nuff Said – SWBTF #25

Greetings! And welcome to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week your hosts, the Defender of the EU, Mark and the EU Guru, Nathan tackle a topic many EU Fans have been salivating for. Mandalorians.


And who better to help them discuss the Mandalorian culture, than Tom Hutchens; a.k.a. Mandalore the Uniter, founder of the Mandalorian Mercs. Tom brings a unique look into the Mandalorian culture through his love of metal work, making custom armor.

Also, Nathan and Tom were recently at the ConCarolinas Star Wars Panel where Nathan recorded the panel for listeners to enjoy.

Nathan sets the current stage of the Mandalorians in the Saga to catch us up.

The hosts ponder the question: Does the current state of the Mandalorians fit well to you?

The hosts all agree that Jason Fry’s Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare stitches everything back together into a cohesive unit well. As Mark’s fond of saying; “if there’s a retcon: there’s a way.” Mark thinks that retcons can fix stang near everything!

Tom mentions armor, and how it fits into the culture of the Mandalorians. And Mark noticed certain elements of Jango Fett’s armor mirrored in the architecture of Mandalorian buildings in The Clone Wars. Tom has a very good explanation for this, based in the beskar’gam (armor) itself. Very deep stuff.

Speaking of The Clone Wars the hosts discuss the Death Watch, and other new characters recently introduced. Most notably Bo-Katan. Bo-Katan‘s introduction to The Clone Wars gave fans voice actress Katee Sackhoff, who plays a strong female warrior who is the equal of any man in the Death Watch.

Was Karen Traviss’s take on the Mandalorians your meat & potatoes? Or did you feel you were left with burnt toast? There was a time when she was considered by some to be “The Authority” of the Mandalorian Culture, as well as Clones, especially Clone Commandos. But then some didn’t care for what she brought to the table at all. Few fell into the “Meh” group.

Is the Mandalorian’s ever fluctuating past due in large part to George Lucas’s morphing vision? Or author carelessness? Or was it simple over-site? However it was, Jason Fry’s Essential Guide to Warfare sews it back together brilliantly.

Nathan points out that the groundwork for the retcon for The Clone Wars‘ New Mandalorians was in place well before the episodes even aired, inside the pages of Star Wars: The Essential Atlas. Many missed this at first though, perhaps owing to the higher price for the Essential Guide series prices?


Tom brings up an excellent question: what is the real face of Mandalore?

Poor Mandalore… it was forest and woodlands a few times, and then it gets one picture of a barren wasteland and suddenly the whole planet is totaled? Not so fast!

The whole planet’s surface does not need to be destroyed. Perhaps it was only a few locations that had been bombed out of existence. Perhaps it is the New Mandalorian Culture that felt the location was sacred or symbolic. Mandalorians- as known before we see them in TCW -were a nomadic people, they could uplift camp and leave in a moments notice. So perhaps they didn’t care that the New Mandalorians set up in these old bombed out capital locations. There are multiple ways the wastelands seen on the TV show could have happened. The hosts ponder a few.

Mark asks: Did The Clone Wars turn the Klingons of Star Wars into Vulcans?

Or in the end did it  just blend the two?

In the EU, Knights of the Old Republic (the comic) plays up the fact that the Mando’s were equal opportunity employers, a come-one, come-all attitude. It didn’t matter what species, so long as you honored the Resol’nare. Whereas the New Mandalorians seem like they are more like the empire, everyone same skin tone, hair colors, and eye color, and all human. Is there a story to be told as to why?

Kotor: War was brought up due to one of Mark’s biggest EU wishes: Mandalorian Knights! Granted this isn’t Knights of the Old Republics first foray into the land of Mandalorian Knights, Demagol tried to create an army of them with Jedi Master Arca Jeth’s DNA. But it would seem that after Demagol’s failure it was decided it would be better to have adult Jedi vs. raising them from infancy.

Yet these new Mandalorian Knights as seen in Kotor: War are the best of both. They are Jedi who have sided with the Mandalorian people. As Jedi they are still honoring life, just not the lives the Republic Jedi want them focusing on.
On the cosplay side of things Tom explains how being a Mandalorian Knight would work in the Mandalorian Mercs. Who knew there were so many well thought out rules to wearing a Star Wars costume?
Leaping into the far future, Mark points to Hondo Karr, the secretly-Mandalorian, Stormtrooper who was a member of Joker Squadron, who would again shift sides and join the Galactic Alliance and of all squadrons, Rogue Squadron. But the Legacy series still has a Mandalorian tale to tell… Hondo was last seen donning his beskar’gam once again and setting out to hunt down the new Mandalore to seek revenge.

The hosts stop and ponder the polar opposite of the Mandalorian Knights; Mandalorian Sith!?!

Nathan explains why this concept just might not work.
Returning to the Klingonization of the Mandalorians, we have Mando’a, the Mandalorian language. Nathan asks if creating a full language going just a little too far?

The hosts ponder a lot this episode, and cover a lot of ground. Enjoy the episode, and don’t forget; if you want to chime in on anything be sure to hit up the guys through email, or their facebook page.



1313 Nomo Fett – SWBTF #24

Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

On this episode your hosts Nathan and Mark discuss the latest in Star Wars, particularly the news about 1313.

What do we know? And what did we think we know?

Pop Block: Is the snapping neck the Mature theme coming into play? And is that something we’ve been gearing towards with SW Games since Episode 3?
CT 1313: Boba used this id during the Boba Fett Junior novels.
Mark and Nathan look at other games that could be similar to 1313, starting with Bounty Hunter.
Is Fett the Superman of the SWEU?
Nathan calls Fett a Jedi… Mark ponders if regular individuals are more attuned to the Unifyin Force.

EUCantina recently covered the 1313 preveiw courtesy Brien Bell, and this week’s episode the guys use Gametrailer videos to geek out.
Interior ship combat game-play is amazing, the detail, the game-play, the adventure! Nathan explains “in engine” and what that means, and how it applies to 1313. Will it be PC? Nathan explains how we shouldn’t bet on it only being PC. Can the current gen consoles handle this game? Or is it being built for the next gen console’s sequels? This all leads Nathan to run down the processing power of the next gen consoles and how that applies to our gaming excitement, as well as what “porting over” means. Nathan shares his inner gamer, while Mark outs himself as a gamer who fell off the couch.

Combat walkthrough with commentary: Looks like the ship the guys are on gets breached and the droids are stealing cargo.
Dark and gritty: what will that mean for the game?

Both hosts are really excited about the story set in the game Star Wars: 1313, the depths of Coruscant explored.
Is Force free or Force full the way to go in Star Wars games?

Ship crash game-play: Woah, no way should regular beings (aka non Force sensitives) be doing that! The Force is obviously with them.  Again the graphics and the depth of the scenery jump right out.
Is 3rd person good or bad in this setting? Should they have the option of 1st? Imagine this game in 3D!!! Nathan’s already drooling, and sees a lot of parallels with the game Uncharted. Mark asks the listeners a gaming question. Oooh, interactive PODCASTING!!

Navigation cinematic: The depth in the footage is just insane. This is Sparta! I mean Coruscant.
Anyone know when this game is set? This sets Mark off onto a rant. Star Wars 1313 could play a lot like Republic Commando.

Your hosts also discussed an E3 debut interview, and the game’s Mature rating. Is this due to the hands on way of dealing with the enemy? Some games are rated T with as much violence as we have seen thus far. No naked Twi’leks please. This may be the closest to a Call of Duty or other military style game in the franchise so far, a Battlefront of the new era, perhaps?
Mark confesses his secret evil….
All this and more on this week’s episode of Star Wars Beyond the Films!


Truly Wonderful The Mind Of A Child Is – TWL #21

In their latest episode, Karl and Jason sit down and divulge what it was like for them as children being Star Wars fans. They talk about how they were introduced to the films themselves as well as how their childhoods were so wrapped up in Star Wars and all it had to offer. From spending weekends running around with toy blasters and lightsabers to building fortresses for their action figures in their bedrooms, it is easy to say that they both had a fascination with this galaxy far, far away from a very early age!

Report on Star Wars Weekends 2012! – SWR #48

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

This week Riley and Bethany are joined by Trisha of, and Nanci of Tosche Station Radio to talk about Star Wars Weekends 2012!

This episode of the Star Wars Report is brought to you by Toy Hutt, check out their awesome Twitter and Facebook pages!!

We hope you’ll enjoy this episode, and may the Force be with you!


Gender in the Saga – SWBTF #23

Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week hosts Mark and Nathan are joined by special guests Kelly of Big Shiny Robot and Nanci of Tosche Station Radio!
The ladies provide a female point of veiw this week as we focus on gender and sexism in the films and in the EU.
They look at the thin line of portrayal of strong and sexy characters.
Personality goes a long way. Sometimes it’s not about the gender, it’s the character’s personality, these characters don’t need to be made “sexy” they just need to allowed more page time.
Is the “catsuit” of Mara Jade’s just a publishing agenda?

Is the Dark Side sexier?
Cue Mother Talzin: “Yes… yes I am…”

One lesson Nathan learned in Star Wars is that the Empire is bad, anti-alien, and very sexist. And yet we have examples of women within the regime. In universe it seems equality is used well.
Mon Mothma was a chief of state. Even Leia, and no one batted an eye. Daala had a chance to show her stuff in the recent Fate of the Jedi series.

In Fate of the Jedi we were shown a very brutal father daughter scene, was it Sithly enough to work? Or was it too far? The hosts look into this hot topic.

Has the EU been gearing readers to the Dark Times of the Empire? As in it gets harder to shock the readers who are as up to date as possible? Humor runs rampant during this week’s episode. As does the name-calling!
One of the things that bothers Nathan is the occasional gratuitous, over-sexed scenes that we get with the strong characters, hailing back to the films with Leia and her slave outfit.
This gets the hosts pondering if it was purposeful?
Was it a “We can sell posters” mentality?
A basic rule: Give Jaina a lightsaber and let her be AWESOME!

Girls love Star Wars too! Merchandising needs to reflect this! It’s time for the Dathomir Nightsister battlepack! Her Universe appeals to not only girls, but fellas too, yet has created a hub for fangirls to gear up.

Kelly explains what any guy dating a fangirl needs to buy her. Yes it’s a 4 letter word: YODA!

Has sexualization been a taboo topic for Fandom? Is it a “Hot potato” topic? Does Fandom need to be ready for certain themes to be explored? Fandom can occasionally suffer from the “powder keg” effect. Twitter recently exploded over EUCantina’s gender themed articles. Sometimes the powder-keg effect gets fans so riled they miss the point of articles. Such is human nature. And everyone has an opinion. They hosts then turn to the different novels/comics that focus on leading ladies.
The ladies both agreed that The Courtship of Princess Leia had the potential to be a Leia-centric novel, but due to poor characterization it failed to capitalize on the potential.

In the end you can’t please 100% of the people, 100% of the time.