Star Wars: Mythbusters – SWBTF #27


Greetings Fanboys and Fangirls! And welcome to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week, true believers, The Defender of the EU Mark Hurliman, and your EU Guru Nathan P. Butler, invite you to discover the truth behind many of the Myths surrounding Star Wars and the SWEU. The guys play Mythbusters in the first of hopefully many Mythbuster styled episodes. So if there are any myths you know of, be sure to send them our way! Also, be sure to stick around at the end of the show for some bloopers!

On a bookshelf note; Mark gets The Clone Wars paperback edition he’s been longing for all these years, and Nathan gets the Expanded and Updated Visual Guide. Oh, and what’s this? An order to the clone wars?! Apparently there is!

Getting to the Nerf and Potatoes of the show, the guys have been Myth stockpiling for a while, Mara Myths, Lucas Myths, Traviss Myths, and much more! This like:

  • Did George Lucas have the Star Wars saga already written when he began work on the original films?
  • Was it always Timothy Zahn’s intention for Luke to marry Mara Jade?
  • Was Callista’s last name always Masana?
  • R. A. Salvatore “killed” Chewbacca.
  • Actress Bai Ling, who played Senator Bana Breemu in Revenge of the Sith, had her scenes cut due to an appearance in Playboy magazine.
  • Battlefront III has not come about because of LucasArts.
  • Did Timothy Zahn screwed up the dates for the Clone Wars in his novel Dark Force Rising?
  • Why did Karen Traviss REALLY stop writing Star Wars?
  • George Lucas ordered the death of Anakin Solo because of name confusion with Anakin Skywalker.
  • Time travel was introduced into Star Wars with Crosscurrent in 2010.
  • According to Lucas, the humans in Star Wars are actually the ancient ancestors of humans on Earth.

Sit back and enjoy this week’s Mythbust…erm Star Wars Beyond the Films!


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