Introduction to New Writer Teresa Delgado


Greetings all, and welcome! I’m here to introduce you to a new staff member and writer for the Star Wars Report, Teresa Delgado. I originally met her one sunny day in Texas at a certain convention known as Star Wars Fan Days, where Riley, Aaron and I had quite a bit of fun chatting all things Star Wars and more! We of the Star Wars Report are quite excited to welcome her aboard! Without further ado, I’ll turn it over to her to tell you a little about herself! ~ Bethany

Star Wars for me is more than just movies, books, toys and video games. It is more than just a culture that has absorbed the stories and the characters. For me Star Wars is part of my foundation as a person. It has been a part of me since I can remember and while at times it has not been my strongest fan passion it has always been at my core. I believe in the Force the same way that a lot of people believe in Christianity. The Force to me is something that helps guide me in my life because in essence the Force is something that was created with modern religions in mind. The basic ideas that Star Wars was created on are symbols that we all can look to. The hero, the rogue, the good vs. evil and even the emergence of the strong female lead. It is because of all of these things that I learned from Star Wars when I was young that I have the passions and the drive that I do now.

I first got into the world of writing when I realized that I had a considerable passion to talk about all of the things that I am a fan of. I was beginning to see that the world of fandom was strongly dominated by men and that the few women that were involved were so over shadowed that it made it very hard for them to have a voice. That was when I decided that I wanted to start sharing my views on the world of fandom. However, this would come to a standstill when I simply was not sure exactly what my main focus should be. I decided that I was proud to be a fangirl for Star Wars around the same time that Ashley Eckstein and other prominent geek girls started their female activism. It was their outspoken passion that finally led to me being able to discover my niche. I knew then that I wanted to talk about Star Wars and not just Star Wars, but all things geek including my many toy collecting passions. I started thinking about all of the things that were of interest to me. I began making a list, and I began to notice that I truly was a fangirl, but it was not just for science fiction. It was for so many things! It was these realizations that moved me to begin really writing, and that moved me to wanting to create my own site. It was in this manner that Fangirl Next Door was born.

I have learned that being a fan and being a girl can be a difficult road, but most of the time it just tons of fun. No one expects a girl to be into toy collecting, LEGO building or even video games. These are all things that I love and that really keep me going in life. My passions for the world of fantasy, science fiction, and film have brought me to the point that I am in now, where I love to share even the small things about those worlds with anyone that will read or listen.

Since I love Star Wars so much I know that there are many people who would want to know what my favorite things about the franchise are. So if I break it down into categories, I think I can give you guys a better idea.

Favorite OT Movie: Return of the Jedi
Favorite PT Movie: Phantom Menace
Favorite Star Wars Book: The Jedi Path
Favorite Jedi Character: Aayla Secura
Favorite Good Guy: R2D2
Favorite Sith: Darth Maul
Favorite Bad Guy: Cad Bane
Favorite Planet: Feluica
Favorite Vehicle: TIE fighter
Favorite Creature: Ewoks

Characters I collect: Darth Maul and R2D2

Favorite oddball item I collect: Star Wars Marbles

Favorite Star Wars Collectible that I own: Master Replicas Force FX Lightsabers

I am very excited to be contributing to the Star Wars Report and I can’t wait to bring you guys another female view on the world of Star Wars!

You can find me in Austin, Texas if you ever visit the Lone Star State and I almost always attend the comic cons in Dallas and in Austin. You can catch me at other major conventions sometimes as well. If you want to stay current with me then visit my website or you can also find me on twitter: @Fangirl_ND or @icecoldpenguin. You can also catch my contributions to the Star Wars Report right here, and if you’d like to tune in, find the Fangirl Next Door podcast on iTunes!
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