TSA: Tyrannical Sith Attack! – SWR #50


Welcome back to the Star Wars Report podcast! We’ve taken a break over the summer, and spend a fair amount of this episode catching up on each others lives, as well as all things new and old in Star Wars!

On this episode of the Star Wars Report, your hosts, Bethany, Riley and Mark, return with some exciting news! Teresa Delgado of Fangirl Next Door is joining the Star Wars Report as a writer! You can find her introductory post here.

Mark, Riley and Bethany have all finally met in person!

They talk about what it was like to meet up in Oregon; (Riley and Bethany were there for a summer school.)  Bethany and Riley tell about the rather… interesting time they had with the TSA, missing their first flight to Oregon, and Mark talks about how he and his family nearly didn’t make it to the airport to meet up because of a blown tire.

Mark talks about his family being in the middle of moving.

We talked about freedom and tyranny as it relates to us and to Star Wars.

We discussed how it seems like most pilots (in and out of universe) really like to talk, especially about planes, and especially about how things are going wrong with the plane right before take off…

We hope you enjoy this episode, and that you’ve been enjoying your summer!

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