Pink Five Returns! – SWR #52


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

On this episode, your hosts Bethany and Riley are joined by one of the creative minds behind, and director of the Pink Five Saga, Trey Stokes!

We talk with him about the return of the Pink Five saga, the last Pink Five film currently in the making, and the kickstarter project you can support in order to help make it happen!

We talk to him about the inception of the Pink Five saga, how he started his creative work with Amy, (Stacey from Pink Five) and the creative differences between web series and full length movies.

We discussed the visual effects industry, and Trey’s involvement with the industry over the years.

We also asked him about life on his boat, the Firefly, where he lives on the Pacific, and how/why he ‘traded financial security for creative freedom’.

Trey hopes to attend both Star Wars Celebration 6 and Dragon* Con this year, hopefully we’ll see you there!

You can (should :)) donate to the Pink Five Returns project here.

You can find Trey on Twitter here.

And news about the ongoing Pink Five Saga on Twitter here.

To find more information about Pink Five, or contact the people involved, go to





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