SWCVI Day 3 – SWR #55


Hello everyone and welcome back to the Star Wars Report podcast!

This is day three of our Star Wars Celebration Six convention coverage episodes! During these daily episodes, you can expect us to bring you coverage of each day of Star Wars CVI, the panels we went to, the news we heard, the experiences we had, and much more!

This episode of the Star Wars Report is brought to you by Toy Hutt, be sure to check out their awesome Twitterand Facebook pages!!

We covered a ton of events including:

  • The Clone Wars Panel
  • George Lucas showed up at the con!
  • The “Perks” (not so true) of having a press pass
  • Seeing Maul and the Mandos teaming up
  • The Clone Wars Press Conference
  • James Arnold Taylor’s “Talking to myself”
  • The Carrie Fisher interview
  • Be sure to check out the photos and subscribe to the podcast after the jump…


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