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What Star Wars Fans Can Learn From The WPLG Debacle

Dungeons and Dragons jokes, mocking people’s costumes, statements like: “Dateless men for as far as the eye can see.”, and “They’ve never seen a woman before.” are only a handful of the mean spirited and contemptuous comments from the still-anonymous producer over at WPLG Local 10.

He targeted children in costume saying: “Poor kids… they were never given a chance. Geekdom is in their genes”. He targeted the elderly saying “Someone got lost looking for the AARP convention”.  He targeted both men and women. The list goes on. There were 45 of these “funny” slideshow captions. I still remember seeing a link to this in my Facebook feed early that morning and clicking through to read this slide show. I didn’t even finish it. I’ll admit, it struck a nerve with me. I thought to myself: “I wish every Star Wars fan-site in the world would call this guy out.” Little did I know… Fast forward to the next day when the slide show went down and back up several times and finally an apology was issued. No, not the final one you’re thinking of from David Boylan (the VP and General Manager WPLG Miami). No. The first apology read something like this:I love how Elvira from PinkSith put it:

That’s not really an apology. It was insincere and smacked of defiance.  Like having to apologize because your mom made you do it, but having to say it in front of your buddies so you word it juuuust so. That way you save face with your cool bros and make mom happy too.  Only Mom isn’t an idiot and reminds you that your apology was BS and calls you on it.

So what do you do?

Well you delete the apology of course! Yup.  Only minutes after posting it, WPLG deleted it from their Facebook page.  Brilliant! (not)

This is where Mr. Anonymous Producer really showed his true colors. (If he hadn’t already.) This fellow, in my opinion, is not a Star Wars fan. Sure, he may have enjoyed the movies when he was a kid. He may “like” Star Wars but he’s no “fan”. Although sadly, him being a “fan” seems the be WPLG’s main defence of the slide show. Even at the end of the original set of slides he ends with saying that:

And in full disclosure… it should be said that the person who put this slideshow together, and wrote ALL the captions, attended Star Wars Celebration VI (their second Celebration event) as a full-paying fan and lover of all-things Star Wars.”

I believe this is what bothered me the most. This is what struck a nerve. I think he felt free to jab and jeer at Star Wars fans as long and he bandied about the statement that he was “one of us”. As Star Wars fans, we’ve all heard something that sounds like this before. Because we like the prequels, or the EU, or The Clone Wars, we’ve been ridiculed before by our “fellow” Star Wars fans.

This reminds me of the Red Letter Media prequel reviews. Mike Stoklasa’s ridicule and mockery of the Star Wars prequels and anyone who happens to like them is a sentiment that is not unlike this WPLG slide show. While the RLM reviews seemingly target three films, buried beneath all of the logical fallacies, rape jokes and suicide jokes is the same dismissive, superior, and contemptuous attitude towards not just Sci Fi fans, not just Star Wars fans, but men, women or children…

This is the kind of arrogant attitude that simply doesn’t see people as people. This attitude thinks that people are just vehicles for one’s entertainment. If they’re different than you, then something must be wrong with them. That is wrong. I’m so glad that Star Wars fans everywhere wouldn’t stand for it.

WPLG has since offered not one but two formal apologies. One on their website, and one to the 501st via their Facebook page. Let’s take this as a lesson to stand up for our fellow human beings, not just in the context of the Star Wars fan community, but anywhere. When you see someone mocking and ridiculing others, remember, they aren’t “just having some fun”, they’re robbing that person of their human dignity.

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Riley Blanton

Host of the Star Wars Report podcast, Tech enthusiast, former CAP cadet. Opinions are my own and do not represent those of… well… other people.

Taking Flight – SWBTF #36

Greetings Fanboys, Fangirls, EU Fans, and returning Beyonders!
And welcome to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week true believers, your EU Guru; Nathan P. Butler, and The Defender of the EU; Mark Hurliman, take you on a flight of a lifetime as they dogfight their way through the gauntlet of RPGing, miniatures, card games, and other new games to be released this year.

Then main topics of discussion this week:

  • X-wing Miniatures Game
  • Star Wars LCG (Living Card Game)
  • Star Wars RPG: Edge of the Empire
  • Star Wars Dice app

Another must listen episode with your dynamic duo, and as always, way too much to cover in one set of shownotes. So once again, enjoy and may the Force be with you!


Dragon Con Day 1 – SWR #57

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Star Wars Report podcast!

This is the first day of our Dragon Con 2012 convention coverage episodes! During these daily episodes, you can expect us to bring you coverage of each day of the convention, the panels we went to, the news we heard, the experiences we had, and much more!

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We covered a ton of events including:

  • Indulging our non-Star Wars interests
  • Meet the Star Wars Authors
  • Katee Sackhoff is awesome

  • The Richard Dean Anderson Panel
  • Believe it or not, a very emotional Mom came up to the mic at the SW authors panel and thanked them for writing book that got her son to finally start reading. While this was happening we were getting a flaming twitter comment about how KJA “ruined” star wars ext… Quite a contrast. We talk about it all in the latest SWR!
  • Don’t be a Negative Nancy









    Why I Collect Star Wars Merchandise

    Why Collect Star Wars Merch?

    Why would anyone collect anything? That is the real question for any person that does any kind of collecting. There has to be connection between the person and the items they are collecting. For everyone in the world of Star Wars there are different reasons for collecting. Some people collect based on character, some collect a certain type of item and still there are others that collect because family and friends give them items so often a collection forms.

    So why specifically collect Star Wars? Many people can argue that to collect Star Wars means that you are potentially buying an item that will undoubtedly go up in price over the years. This is not the reason for all people though because true Star Wars fans know that Star Wars merchandise is held to a high standard and while not every piece is of an amazing quality it usually is good quality and will hold some monetary value in the future. Most Star Wars collectors are the toy collectors that focus much of their energy on action figures. The action figures were the first real merchandise made for Star Wars but as we all know the awesome bed sheets, T-shirts and books were soon to come. Still there are other collectors that collect books, comics, T-shirts, keychains, marbles, puzzles, posters, kitchen items and more.

    So to really decipher why anyone would collect Star Wars I can start you off by explaining why I collect Star Wars. Collecting for me is not just about buying limited edition pieces orautographed items. It is not about trying to buy anything and everything that has the Star Wars label. To me it is an art and if it is done right and placed well in the home it can create great conversation pieces. In addition to this I collect Star Wars because of my passion and love for the saga. My connection between the saga and my soul is something that drives my collecting to wonderful places. Over time I have decided that I have to focus my collecting and try to really hone an area that is truly me. I am not the typical collector in that I don’t collect the action figures. Well, at least not the traditional ones. This does not mean that I don’t know all about them because I definitely do it just means that they are not my focus. I primarily focus my art of collecting on Star Wars LEGO, Fighter Pods, Playing Cards, Disney Star Wars Vinylmations, Hallmark Ornaments and certain character items. My character collecting centers on R2D2, Darth Maul, Bounty Hunters, Aayla Secura and Ewoks.

    Collecting in and of itself can be very taxing. The work that goes into collecting and finding the right items can be very hard and sometimes you can only find those special items atconventions. The flip side of it though is how rewarding it can feel when you do finally get that one missing piece. Then there are the times when a collection is officially considered discontinued because the company has decided to move on to a new line. This moment can be very sad especially if a collector has not completed the collection. It is always sad to see a line of collectibles end but the sunny side is that eventually a new line will be announced and collectors will have new items to focus on.

    The best part of collecting is the community. When you have friends that collect the same itemsthere is a camaraderie that is special and valuable. I have found through my years of collecting that the other collectors in the world appreciate the same things that I appreciate about the items we collect. Collecting brings people together in much the same way that our fandom for Star Wars does. So I ask the world “Why NOT Collect Star Wars?”

    Teresa Delgado

    Star Wars nerd at heart and a pop culture fanatic. Fangirl blogger, movie and book reviewer. Avid reader and film goer.

    I love penguins!



    SWCVI… 7 8 9 – SWR #56

    In which the one and only Steve Glosson of Geek out Loud, Michael Cohen, of & Jason Hunt of the Wampa’s Lair podcast join us to have some fun podcasting in line for the closing ceremonies.

    Steve had a few ideas about what was to be announced.

    This is day four of our Star Wars Celebration Six convention coverage episodes! During these daily episodes, you can expect us to bring you coverage of each day of Star Wars CVI, the panels we went to, the news we heard, the experiences we had, and much more!

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    Thanks for listening!