Zombies in the EU – SWBTF #44


Zombies, Reanimated Dead, Sith Alchemy, and Magic, all on the next Star Wars Beyond the Films. YOUR Star Wars discussion podcast! YOUR ticket to the EU!

This week true believers, Beyonders, Fanboys, Fangirls, respected aliens around the galaxy, your EU Guru; Nathan P. Butler, and The Defender of the EU; Mark Hurliman, sit down to discuss Zombies in the Expanded Universe, as well as the novels Red Harvest, and Death Troopers. Strap in and tighten your crash webbing, Star Wars Beyond the Films is setting off on another rapid-fire trip into the galaxy far, far away!

Starting things off the guys lay out where their Geekdom lies in the Zombie genre. Both hosts have read a majority of the Walking Dead comics and are huge fans of The Walking Dead tv show. Mark has also read a couple zombie novels like The Rising, and World War Z.

They discuss the premise of Death Troopers, the tapping of Joe Schreiber to pen the first adult aimed SW horror novel.

They discuss the Han and Chewie factor in Death Troopers, and whether it was a mistake, or part of the strategy.

Mark also discovers some interesting things regarding Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided and the Star Wars Galaxies: Witches of Dathomir. The Blackwing Crystal

They ask: “Do we need an answer to why there are zombies? Does it need to be significant
Are Zombies in the SWEU a gimmick?”

Mark and Nathan both felt Red Harvest worked very well. Much better, even that Death Troopers. The setting worked, the story worked, the concept worked.

They also discussed concepts like, Force vs Magic.

Mark would love a third Zombie story by Schreiber, one that bridges the gap between Red Harvest and Death Troopers. As well as discussing free excerpts, and how Red Harvest had a lot of them given before the books release.

Nathan ponders Star Wars Zombie down loadable content for the games. Yes please!


Once again, your dynamic duo cover entirely too much Zombie action in their ONE hour, but don’t worry, give it a go; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even get a little education on the EU while you’re at it. But no matter how you slice it and dice it, you’ll be having another adventure Beyond the Films. So sit back, hang on, enjoy the show, and may the Force be with you!

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