How We Will Watch Star Wars – SWR #70


How will we watch Star Wars in the future?

In the latest SWR podcast we discuss how shows like H+ and BSG: Blood and Chrome‘s success point to how Lucasfilm should address distribution of Star Wars content in the future.

Mark is behind on The Clone Wars. Why? Should he bother to catch up?

Is there merit to just waiting for the Blu Ray instead of waiting week to week for each episode?

Also we discuss what the impact of over-hyped fan expectation might have on Episode VII.

Star Wars Angry Birds is out.

The Old Republic is now free to play.

Also, what can TPM teach us about Episode VII?

It’s all in this episode of the Star Wars Report podcast.

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  • Miles Greb

    I really like your podcast. Thanks for posting. However, i have to say it’s kinda weird listing to something geek related and having to hear some very “un-savy” tech talk.

    Firstly, once something has aired you can simply torrent a 480, 720, a 1080 video of it no problem. Use VLC to play it. So i don’t see why any nerd/geek/not a noob would have a problem watching missed episodes

    Also, what does having a mac have to do with it? If he is having a hard time decoding high res video on his netbook…it’s cause netbooks are not for decoding HD video. They have weak graphics cards, and a really just for Word, Facebook, and porn.

    If you want to learn how to actually use the Internet (sorry for being so cheeky) write me and ill help.

  • Mark Hurliman

    Yeah I didn’t have an issue watching the episodes on the old PC. The new netbook though doesn’t like to run all videos. I had an issue with some videos until I updated the Quicktime player, but I only use that player on certain sites that seem to demand it. When it comes to tech I’m more geek than nerd. Technical stuff tends to fly over my head. lol

  • wyrm12

    This was a really good episode. I think it’s my favorite thus far. I’ve been listening to you guys off and on (sorry) since you moved from Solo Sound and as I was listening to this I was thinking how far you guys have come. It’s great to see you guys improve. Keep up the great work!

    • Riley Blanton

      Thank you so much wyrm! It’s feedback like that that makes us want to keep doing this!