Hollywood.com Reveals ‘Into the Void’ Cover Art


The Dawn of the Jedi tie-in novel comes out this May!

Del Rey Books is releasing a tie-in hardcover novel to Dark Horse Comics’ ongoing Dawn of the Jedi series on May 7, called Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi — Into the Void. The series is set 36,000 years before the events of the original Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope and concerns itself with the events that led to the foundation of the Jedi Order. At this time, there’s no Republic. Instead, a mysterious alien race called the Rakata have enslaved much of the galaxy. A fleet of nine pyramid ships settles on the planet Tython, where a group of scholars and sages discover the mystical entity that will become known as The Force. The only thing is, at this time, the Force isn’t yet polarized between Light and Dark. The people of Tython who will become the Jedi Order are known simply as “The Je’daii,” and they haven’t really come to wield lightsabers yet. Instead, they employ traditional swords.


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    Just added to my Amazon wishlist for future preorder!

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