Why Star Wars novels should all be E-Books


Right before Christmas I decided that I was going to give my 1st generation iPad to my mom for Christmas. She was going to use it more than I and I felt like being generous. The only downside for me was that I would be losing my E-Reader. Now I still had my smartphone that would allow me to access my Nook App but it just is not the same on the phone.

We took a trip to Barnes and Noble and I decided what the heck why don’t I just get a basic Nook. They are cheap enough and just for reading. Well I finally settled on the Nook Glow Light just in case I ever need the light feature. The nice saleswoman found me a great cover and I was off.

I was not 100% sure that this would solve my iPad woes but I had hope that the Nook would allow me the ability to read more books. My skepticism of the dedicated E-Reader was completely unfounded. In the coming days I found myself using it more than I ever had used my iPad for reading. It became something that I put in my purse or backpack whenever I leave the house. It is what I do during my lunch at work and I have read more in the past month than I have in a long time. I truly believe this is because of the technology of an E-Reader. The screen refresh is not the same as a tablet and it is so much easier on the eyes. I will never again use my tablet for a reader now that I have seen how amazing a dedicated reader is.

The only complaint I have in the Star Wars universe is that not ALL my favorite books are available on it. While a lot of them are I think going forward any Star Wars book that is released needs to have an E Book. I am not saying that the Nook is better than the Kindle or any other E Reader because I have never had one all I am saying is that the E Book is fabulous. As much as I love Books and I really do, I love the smell, the feel and the look of a real book for convenience sake I would never trade in my e reader. So for all the publishers out there that have ever published a Star Wars novel. Please please please give us an E Book version.

This was just an idea I had and maybe not a lot of people will agree. How neat would it be that if you bought a hard copy of a book there was a code to put in online that would also give you the E Book? I think that would be so awesome because then BookWorms like me could have both!

What do you guys think? Do you have an e reader? What do you read?

If you have a nook and you want to be my nook friend let me know on twitter I will add you and we can lend each other books! You can also find me on Goodreads.

May the force be with you,



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  • http://twitter.com/LaneWinree Brian

    Well the good news is that the entire Star Wars library should be available in ebook form before too long. if they aren’t already. Back in 2011, Random House announced that they were converting their existing library to ebook format and that all future titles will be released in both physical and electronic mediums. http://clubjade.net/?p=28630

    I do have a Kindle, but whether or not I get a physical or e-copy of a book depends on exactly what it is. For titles I have a strong emotional investment in (Zahn novels, the X-Wing series), I own both physical and electronic copies. For other books that don’t rank as highly on my list, an ebook suffices.

    • Fangirlnextdoor

      I had seen that the entire library was being released but I just wanted to say how much I love e books. I agree with you though on the investment of having both versions especially if I truly love the story

  • Junalapag

    i have a nook book tablet device that i could read all Star Wars ebooks and that is what i am doing right now, reading X-Wing Mercy Kill. and the other SW ebooks i have already read i still have them on my nook tablet device. i gotta catch up on my SW ebooks to read OLD REPUBLIC ANNIHILATION and SCOUNDRELS which i have SCOUNDRELS on my nook but i am not yet reading it. i got the X-WING BUNDLE and MERCY KILL to read. so, i know i am really behind. just that i can’t download every SW ebooks because i may lose money in my bank account so i need to have job and earn a lot of money so i will save and use it for my nook book. anyways May The Force Be With Us and Me. This is Rudy M Alapag Jr signing off.

    • Teresa

      So proud of you for reading so much! More power to you and may the force be with you

  • http://twitter.com/ipodlurker Jason

    Love SW on my Kobo (I’m in Canada). I’m only about two years being into the EU, so I don’t have a bookshelf devoted to SW books – but I think I could have an ereader full!

    • Teresa

      If I had tons of extra cash lying around my e reader would be full and I would also have all the harry potters