No Descision About Bringing Back OT characters According To Bob Iger


Let it be known!

Despite all of the rumors, no decision has been made to bring back original trilogy characters in Episode VII. This is according to a recent interview he conducted with CNBC.

I call Bantha Poodoo!

They announced production back in October people! Are you really trying to say “you haven’t decided yet”?  If you ask me, this is just posturing to keep the rampant speculation and demand for just a morsel of news, about the plot and characters of the movie, at bay.

I can’t even imagine the kind of hullabaloo, the brouhaha, the absolute mayhem, the incredible  pandemonium that will engulf the Star Wars blogosphere when actual news about the plot leaks out, and mark my words, it will leak out. We live in a time with this unprecedented new sequel, Star Wars is taking the world by storm. New media entities will pay an absurd amount of money to get those first exclusive photos from the set. It’s just the reality that Disney needs to face. 

Disney, you would to well to be extremely proactive in getting info on Episode VII out there more quickly, before it leaks out. Take charge of your own message. Don’t tell fans that you “haven’t made a decision yet”.

That being said I commend Iger for acknowledging that they have indeed been in talks with the big three. That’s along the lines of what I like seeing from Disney.

So, Ya’ll excited about ep 7? I AM.


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  • Brian

    This isn’t unique to Disney and there’s not much they can do about it. No studio can really comment on these matters until every contract is signed for all sorts of dull and boring legally binding reasons. It’s also a matter of managing fan expectations and providing PR outs for actors if they don’t want to do the films.

    In this situation (and in just about all of them, really), Disney and Iger did the right thing and said that things are fluid. Which is absolutely true, things are fluid and non-concrete until both the studios and actors officially sign the contracts and agreements binding them to new films.Being proactive is great in theory, but it doesn’t work when it comes to things like contracts.

    As for being “forthcoming” with the story, they’ll say something when there’s something to say. By all indications, Michael Arndt’s script isn’t finished yet. Commenting prematurely on that would be as big a mistake as commenting prematurely on actor agreements.

    • Riley Blanton

      I guess it is better to be safe than sorry but I do find it difficulty to believe that the script isn’t done yet. Maybe there are some small rewrites left but they’ve been working on this for about 6 months. That’s a long time. You’d think they’d be getting ready to start filming now. Then again, that assumes a 2015 release date, which probably won’t happen at this point.

      • Brian

        The 2015 release date was probably always too aggressive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that gets pushed back. Truthfully with a film of this scope and cultural importance, Arndt’s script is probably going to be the most scrutinized and revised script in cinema history. Just because of that I believe them when they say it’s not finished yet.

        • Riley Blanton

          True, I don’t envy Arndt.

  • Bruce Gibson

    This is what I heard in the interview:

    1. Yes, we are talking to the original cast.
    2. No, we are still negotiating and contracts are not signed.
    3. The script is still in development in case (1) we do not come to terms with any or all of the original cast, and (2) an alternative or incomplete script gives us leverage to play hard in the negotiations.

    • Riley Blanton

      You summarize far better than I do Bruce :)