An Experiment – SWR #83


In this episode of the Star Wars Report podcast, Mark Newbold from JediNews, joins Mark and myself to talk about showing Star Wars to someone who’s never seen it.

We also talked about the recent news that the Clone Wars crew is disbanding, and much more.

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  • Michael Dillabough

    A girl wanted to borrow star wars from me because she had never seen it. I only have the bluray version and the VHS SE version. I didn’t want her to see the poor quality VHS version and she didn’t have a bluray player, so I had no choice but to burn her the Adewyn version. I felt awful and good at the same time. It was weird… I really enjoyed the Adewyn version myself but I felt bad making her first experience watching Star Wars not be the Special Editions which was what I first watched.

    • Riley Blanton

      But hey, you did her a service showing her Star Wars, period!